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Tuesday Twitter Fun – Texas, Obama and Robocalls

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It’s a mixed bag this week of political commentary on Twitter from folks involved with the comic book industry.

Brian Denham an artist on such series as Buffy commented on the Texas Governor race and the interesting last name match up.  You can follow him at http://twitter.com/briandenham.

Brian Denham

Ed Brubaker commented on the irritation of the time old irritating tradition of political robocalls.  You can follow Brubaker at http://twitter.com/brubaker.

Ed Brubaker

Savage Dragon creator Erik Larsen continued his posts directed at President Obama, urging him to include a public option in the health care bill.  You can follow him at http://twitter.com/erikjlarsen.

Erik Larsen

GeekWeek founder Jeff Katz shows off he enjoys the sunday morning shows.  You can follow Jeff at http://www.twitter.com/katzmoney.

Jeff Katz