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Review: Future State: The Flash #1

Future State: The Flash #1

Future State: The Flash #1 is an interesting comic. As much as it takes place “in the future”, its style and story feel very much in the past. Team Flash has been depowered and are on a mission to stop Wally West who has turned evil running around the world killing.

Written by Brandon Vietti, the comic is an interesting one in concept. Team Flash are forced to take up arms with the weapons of the Rogues in a mission to gain tools to stop Wally. The story would normally be totally ok and a story arc I might expect in the ongoing. But, the focus on Wally being a murderer, not too long after he was in fact a murderer, seems like odd timing. Wally just redeemed himself in a way with his actions in Dark Nights: Death Metal but we’re reminded so soon after of his dark side. Fans of Wally West will likely hate this.

The story itself though is pretty good. The mission of the Flashes is intriguing and the build is good. Vietti does a solid job of depicting Barry Allen. He’s center of the story and his hope is on full display. This is an aspect of the character that has been played up since his return. It’s nice to see that here as it emphasizes that it’s a theme within DC Comics as a whole. Even with a “dark” storyline, there’s still hope at the heart of it.

Dale Eaglesham’s art is pretty solid. There’s a “classic” feel to it and it’s interesting to see a Flash comic without the need for much motion in the art. With the group depowered, we don’t get the running we normally see. There isn’t that sense, or need, for much motion. But, Eaglesham does a solid amount of action with delivers some subtle moments of emotion. He’s joined by Mike Atiyeh on color and Steve Wands handles the lettering.

Future State: The Flash #1 is a solid story arc for an ongoing series. It feels like one of those fill-in stories in between bigger arcs that lasts a few issues. The comic doesn’t blow me away, or excite me, but it’s still a good read that’s entertaining.

Story: Brandon Vietti Art: Dale Eaglesham
Color: Mike Atiyeh Letterer: Steve Wands
Story: 7.0 Art: 7.0 Overall: 7.0 Recommendation: Read

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