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Heavy Metal Launches an Epic Summer with New Releases and Highly-Anticipated Debuts

Heavy Metal is excited to announce a host of ambitious Summer titles ready for pre-order by June 24th, effectively introducing what promises to be a new age of innovation and creativity for the publisher, beginning with the landmark 300th issue. With comic shops re-opening their doors in many markets after a long dry spell, now is the time for fans of science fiction, fantasy and horror to discover or rediscover the magazine that started it all.


(W) Various, Moebius (A) Various (CA) CVR A Claudia Iannciello, CVR B Agustin Alessio, CVR C Glenn Fabry
Cover Price: $9.99

A new era begins with a celebration of 300 incredible issues of America’s Premiere Sci-Fi/Fantasy magazine. Classic and new comic book creators from all over the world join the magazine to celebrate its 300th issue.

Just to name some of our VIP guests: Moebius attends with a short story published in English for the first time as well as an interview, never released, done by acclaimed comics and music writer Geoff Boucher. Richard Corben, Liberatore, Vaughan Bode, Stephanie Phillips, Justin Jordan, Blake Northcott, Jeff Rebner, Matt Medney, David Erwin, Germán Ponce, and Duke Mighten who are joined by “New Hollywood 21st century” actor/writers Dylan Sprouse & Brendan Columbus.

And this party could not be complete without the fictional characters who attend it. Among the prominent fictional guests, we have confirmation of: Taarna, Nelson the B52 Bomber, Lucy the Australopithecus, and the Dark Wing crew, among many others.

In Shops: Aug 19, 2020


(W) Dylan Sprouse, Joe Harris (A) Diego Yapur (CA) Brian Stelfreeze
Cover Price: $4.99

From actor and entrepreneur Dylan Sprouse, Suneater #1 kicks off a nine-issue saga that takes place in ninth century Norway, where a drug-addled warrior sacrifices his leg to the Gods.  In return he is fused with a parasitic beast, giving him the power to rescue his son from his sworn enemies—history’s first Norwegian king and his five personal guards. The result is a grim and bloody adventure—a dark metaphor for drug addiction, selfishness, and the children it affects.

“I love fantasy-action and I wanted to create something that would appeal to newer fans of the genre while tackling an elevated story,” said Sprouse. “The characters I wrote are from actual tales and bardic songs, and the story is about the adult, dark, grotesque, and somber world of Suneater and its desperate, faulty protagonist. While I have been actively writing Suneater for years, the culmination of the content rings especially true for me now, at this stage of my life.”

In Shops: Aug 26, 2020



(W) Dan Fogler, Andrew Harrison (A/CA) Simon Bisley
Cover Price: $3.99

The first of the Fogler’s Fictions titles, Brooklyn Gladiator is a vivid, violent, and frightening glimpse into a fictional future that feels all too familiar, a future we may find ourselves sleepwalking into if we’re not careful.

Welcome to Brooklyn, 2033! New Yorkers survive on scraps in a despoiled America. John Miller is an action hero for the ages, a rough and ready badass who could drink Han Solo, Jack Burton, and John McClane under the table. Brooklyn Gladiator is a tribute to the comics, films, and experiences that have inspired author Dan Fogler.

In shops: August 5, 2020



(W) Dan Fogler, Laurence Blum (A/CA) Ben Templesmith
Cover Price: $3.99

Also from Dan Fogler, Fishkill is a love story wrapped in a modern noir that takes our hero, Detective Bart Fishkill, so far down the conspiracy rabbit hole that he starts to question his own sanity even to the point of wondering whether if he isn’t the villain in the first place.

In shops: August 12, 2020



(W) Dan Fogler (A) Alex Eckman-Lawn, Tim Seeley, Kevin Colden, Darick Robertson, Alex Horley (A/CA) Dennis Carlsson
Cover Price: $24.99

The third Fogler’s Fiction entry, Moon Lake: Midnight Munchies tells the tale of a mysterious portal into the bizarre and demented.  Zombie dinosaurs, a mass-murdering high school cheerleader, and an inter-dimensional Sasquatch trying to save his species from extinction.  All created by the lunar radiation in the small town of Moon Lake.  

In Shops: Aug 19, 2020


ComiXology Has a Half Dozen New Digital Comics for You Today

Six comics currently await you on comiXology. The comics feature one new DC Comics DC Digital First while Marvel delivers five digital collections of previously released series.

You can get them all here or check out the individual releases below!

Aquaman: Deep Dives #8

Written by Cecil Castellucci, Marv Wolfman
Pencils Pop Mhan
Inks Pop Mhan
Colored by Tony Avina, Rex Lokus

Story 1 – The terror group Scorpio attempts to capture and dissect Aquaman in an effort to create superhuman soldiers! Story 2 – While escorting a pod of whales to safety, Aquaman and Mera discuss starting a family of their own, but their conversation is cut short when naval sonar tests disorient the pod, causing the whales to attack naval ships, and forcing Aquaman, Mera, and the Navy officers to save the pod before they hurt anyone.

Aquaman: Deep Dives #8

Clandestine Classic

Written by Alan Davis
Art by Alan Davis
Cover by Alan Davis

Collects Clandestine (1994) #1-8, Marvel Comics Presents #158 And X-Men & Clandestine #1-2.

For centuries they have lived among us – mysterious, elusive, unknowable…so what are they doing with brightly colored costumes and codenames?! Teenagers Rory and Pandora want to pull Alan Davis’s family of extra-normal outsiders into the world of heroes and villains, little knowing that M.O.D.O.K. and A.I.M. are waiting for them! Centuries-old patriarch Adam Destine knows the disastrous duo has a lot to learn about power and responsibility…and we all know who’s the web-spinning specialist on that, don’t we? Plus Adam and his super-powered scions join the X-Men in a demonic debacle against the sinister Synraith! Also guest-starring Doctor Strange, the Silver Surfer and the Invaders!

Clandestine Classic

Foolkiller: Fool’s Paradise

Written by Gregg Hurwitz
Art by Lan Medina
Cover by Lan Medina

Collects Foolkiller (2007) #1-5.

Los Angeles Times best-selling author Gregg Hurwitz (The Crime Writer) and Lan Medina bring you a gritty, no-holds barred crime thriller! Move over Frank Castle, there’s a new vigilante in town. When the Foolkiller strikes, the punishment fits the crime. It’s a display for all to see, the truth in all its brutal glory, our hidden secrets gutted and turned inside out for the front pages. A vigilante artist, a madman performer, the Foolkiller has been brutally introduced to the human joke, and he wants to make sure fools everywhere take note. What he reveals may not be what you want to see. Or what you want to admit. But he makes one thing certain: If you’re a fool, you cannot hide.

Foolkiller: Fool's Paradise


Written by Paul Jenkins
Art by Paolo Rivera
Cover by Paolo Rivera

Collects Mythos: Spider-Man, Hulk, Fantastic Four, Ghost Rider, Captain America And X-Men.

Showcasing the origins of the greatest heroes in the Marvel Universe! See how Spider-Man’s super-hero career began! Learn how the Fantastic Four became the team they are today! Witness the origin and earliest days of the Hulk and Ghost Rider! Revisit Steve Rogers’ transformation from a weakling with a heart of steel to the Sentinel of Liberty, Captain America! Experience the first encounter between the X-Men and their ultimate nemesis, Magneto! Paul Jenkins tells the tales, while Paolo Rivera delivers the beautiful fully painted artwork.


Punisher Max: From First To Last

Written by Garth Ennis
Art by Richard Corben, Lewis Larosa, John Severin
Cover by Tim Bradstreet

Collects Punisher: The Tyger, Punisher: The Cell And Punisher: The End.

Three dark tales of the Punisher’s past, present and future. THE TYGER: As a 10-year-old boy on the streets of Brooklyn, Frank Castle was no stranger to violence. On the eve of his first kill as the Punisher, Castle remembers a far-off summer filled with fear, intimidation and revenge. THE CELL: Deep in the bowels of Riker’s Island lurk five evil old men, with a secret so terrible that even they can’t begin to comprehend it. But a new inmate has arrived: the Punisher, convicted of a hundred murders, determined to find those five old men no matter what. And finally, THE END: In the near future, in the ruins of a world destroyed by nuclear fire, there is still evil — and so there must be punishment. A dying Frank Castle stalks the mass graves of New York City, determined to carry out one final, dreadful task.

Punisher Max: From First To Last

Punisher: Barbarian With A Gun

Written by Chuck Dixon
Art by John Buscema
Cover by John Buscema

Collects Punisher: War Zone #26-30.

The island of Puerto Dulce’s name means “Sweet Port,” but there’s nothing sweet about getting skewered on sugar cane! The Punisher’s been enslaved in a Caribbean jungle, and escape means going through prisoners, revolutionaries, and alligators! Will he catch his drug-dealing quarry before their shared enemies beat him to it? Guest-starring Ice Phillips from Marvel’s controversial series THE ‘NAM!

Punisher: Barbarian With A Gun

Captain America & Falcon by Priest, Aquaman, and Harlequin Romance are Part of the Dozen Digital Comics Out Today

ComiXology has new digital comics at your fingertips with a dozen new releases today. New releases from DC, Marvel, and Harlequin deliver a variety of comics for you.

Check out what you can get today!

Aquaman: Deep Dives #6

Written by Steve Orlando
Pencils V Ken Marion
Inks Sandu Florea
Colored by Andrew Dalhouse

While investigating an abandoned Scorpio base, Aquamanand the Sea Devils unwittingly activate an old Scorpio weapon…The Torpedoman! Now they must turn the tides and stop this killing machine before it decimates an Atlantean Science Outpost!

Aquaman: Deep Dives #6

Avengers Next: Rebirth

Written by Tom DeFalco, Ron Lim
Art by Ron Lim
Cover by Mike Wieringo

Collects Avengers Next #1-5.

The time has come for the next generation of Avengers to choose a new lineup, but first they must battle zombie versions of themselves! Then, as Katie Power (from Power Pack) joins the team, American Dream and her friends mount a search for the missing Thunderstrike. The man called Nova guest stars when strange visitors from outer space land on Earth. And more!

Avengers Next: Rebirth

Captain America & The Falcon by Christopher Priest: The Complete Collection

Written by Christopher Priest
Art by Joe Bennett, Andrea Di Vito, Dan Jurgens, Bart Sears, Greg Tocchini
Cover by Howard Porter

Collects Captain America and the Falcon (2004) #1-14.

They’re best friends, teammates, brothers-in-arms – but that bond is tested to the limit when Falcon targets the Rivas drug cartel, and the Super-Sailor known as the “Anti-Cap” sets his sights on Sam Wilson! Can Captain America thwart his dark doppelgänger before Sam Wilson’s wings are clipped? Fingers crossed, because there’s a Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing waiting in the wings, and nobody’s better at stopping him than Cap and Falcon! But M.O.D.O.K.’s not the only big headache on the horizon, with the Avengers about to be Disassembled and all. Is this really the best time for Steve to be kissing the Scarlet Witch? Plus: With the Rivas out for revenge, Falcon may cross a line that could finish one of comics’ greatest partnerships once and for all!

Captain America & The Falcon by Christopher Priest: The Complete Collection

Falling For His Proper Mistress

Written by Tessa Radley
Art by Masami Hoshino

In the sparkling city of New York, Avery fell into a passionate affair with Guy. However, on the night of her birthday, she learned that Guy only wanted her for sex and they had a terrible breakup. To think they’d reunite in Colorado at a festival where she’s been hired to work as a sommelier! Avery is angry at herself for remembering the nights she spent with Guy and tries to place distance between them, but he offers her a tantalizing proposal that causes her heart to waver. He proposes they enjoy a no-strings-attached relationship until her work there ends.

Falling For His Proper Mistress

When You Call My Name

Written by Sharon Sala
Art by Amie Hayasaka

Glory has unusual powers, and one night, in the middle of a snowstorm, she uses these powers to save the life of a man named Wyatt after he gets into a car accident. Glory has premonitions, but her power causes people to fear her. Still, she has a happy life with her loving family…until someone sets their house on fire and Glory loses her father and brother. Isolated and afraid, Glory reaches out to Wyatt for help. Even though they’ve never met, ever since his accident, Wyatt and Glory have shared a connection, and she knows that Wyatt will come to her when she calls for him.

When You Call My Name

The Blackmailed Bride

Written by Kim Lawrence
Art by Nanao Hidaka

Kate Anderson is a kindhearted woman who works hard as a lawyer to support a pediatric hospital. While on a trip with her family in Majorca, Spain, a smuggler threatens her spoiled sister. If they don’t pay him, he will leak scandalous photos of her sister to the press. Determined to save her, Kate plans to sneak into the smuggler’s room to retrieve the photos. But she gets caught, not by the smuggler, but by a dashingly gorgeous man named Javier Montero, a world-class entrepreneur and millionaire!

The Blackmailed Bride

The Season For Suitors

Written by Nicola Cornick
Art by Yukako Midori

Clara is the daughter of a wealthy noble. Sheltered all her life, she doesn’t know anything of the world of kisses, but now that she’s of age, she’s sick of all these marriage proposals and fickle seductions from nobles who want her family’s money. That’s when she asks London’s greatest playboy, Lord Sebastian Fleet, to teach her how to handle men. However, Clara didn’t think her plan through. She once had strong feelings for the handsome, sophisticated Sebastian, but now she’s falling so hard for him again that she feels like she could give him everything!

The Season For Suitors

Too Strong To Deny

Written by Emma Darcy
Art by Keiko Okamoto

Elizabeth is a teacher who was charged with a crime despite being innocent, so she visits top lawyer Price to ask for his help. Price Domenico is the father of one of her students. Although there are many dark rumors surrounding him, Price greets her with a handshake and a warm welcome and Elizabeth’s nerves are put at ease. But when she tells him about her circumstances, his gaze suddenly turns cold and he turns her down! Why? Were his warm hands and friendly smile just an act?

Too Strong To Deny

Falling For The Enemy

Written by Shawna Delacorte
Art by Keiko Okamoto

“This man is my boss…and my father’s enemy.” Bryce’s dirty tricks drove Paige’s father to his death. Now she slips into Bryce’s company as a secretary in order to find out his weakness. However, he doesn’t trust her and is trying to discover her motives. They’ve both been keeping their suspicions a secret, but now the seeds of a dangerous love are beginning to sprout!

Falling For The Enemy

Haunt Of Horror: Lovecraft

Written by Richard Corben
Art by Richard Corben
Cover by Richard Corben

Collects Haunt Of Horror: Lovecraft #1-3.

Horror comics legend Richard Corben (HAUNT OF HORROR: EDGAR ALLAN POE) brings you a new series of eerie new spins on the poems and short stories of H.P. Lovecraft. Each adaptation is beautifully rendered in black and white with gray tones as only Corben can do it — along with a printing of the original source text by H.P. Lovecraft.

Haunt Of Horror: Lovecraft

Marvel Adventures Iron Man: Armored Avenger

Written by Margot Blankier, Jeff Parker, Paul Tobin, Fred Van Lente
Art by Scott Koblish, Alvin Lee, Juan Santacruz
Cover by Francis Tsai

Collects Marvel Adventures Iron Man #13, Iron Man: Golden Avenger #1, Marvel Adventures Iron Man & Hulk — Free Comic Book Day 2007 Edition, Marvel Adventures Iron Man & Hulk & Spider-Man — Free Comic Book Day 2008 Edition.

The Armored Avenger powers through more exciting, all-ages adventures! Featuring Hulk, Spider-Man, Ant-Man, Jolt, Plantman and Backlash!

Marvel Adventures Iron Man: Armored Avenger

Marvel Illustrated: The Man In The Iron Mask

Written by Alexandre Dumas, Roy Thomas
Art by Hugo Petrus
Cover by Marko Djurdjevic

Collects Marvel Illustrated: The Man In The Iron Mask #1-6.

Alexander Dumas’ brilliant follow-up to The Three Musketeers, brought to vivid life as only Roy Thomas and Hugo Petrus can! Deep inside the French prison known as the Bastille resides prisoner number 12, Philippe…who is none other than the twin brother of King Louis XIV. He was incarcerated to prevent him from setting off a civil war in his quest for the kingship itself. But there are forces who will work tirelessly to free this man in the iron mask — and put Philippe on the throne! It’s an adaptation that will draw you in with political intrigue so timely it will shock you.

Marvel Illustrated: The Man In The Iron Mask

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Review: Cage #1

Cage #1

Long gone are the days when comics dared to be pushed their readers out of their comfort zone. The one book that still has a hold on me 20 years later, Batman: Killing Joke, was both disturbing and brilliant, but not to me at the time. It shook me to the core, it made me sick the first time I read it. It would take me several times before I got through the rough parts, before seeing just what the creators were trying to do, bring these epic superheroes into the real world.

Comics would continue to do this, several times, especially when Vertigo was in its prime and drawing talent from Great Britain. It would not be long before the House Of Ideas decided to make more adult fare, when it introduced Marvel Max, and introduce the world to Jessica Jones, a rather realistic look at what means to be a woman and a superhero. It also gave readers everywhere the edgy vision of their favorite heroes that they never got a chance to read until then. In the debut issue of one of Marvel’s most iconic heroes, we find Luke Cage hired to avenge a death in Cage, only to find a more tangled web than he ever imagined.

We find Luke at a local strip club in Harlem, where an older woman has approached him, requiring his services. Her daughter had just been killed by a stray bullet from a local gang, as vengeance she requires, knowing that the police, because it is a gang matter, will not get involved.  As Cage starts investigating, he soon finds out that the bullet was intended for a local gangster but someone hiding in plain view, may also have a hand in it, Tombstone, who is trying to pass for a legitimate businessperson. By issue’s end, he finds out that this is no normal case, and the NYPD may be in the middle of it.

Overall, a gritty version of Luke Cage, one that despite some of its problematic undertones, is also an entertaining story, The story by Brian Azzarello is appealing. The art by Richard Corben is incandescent. Altogether, if you are a fan of Luke Cage, this may be the story that gives you a whole new look at this superhero.

Story: Brian Azzarello Art: Richard Corben
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy

Hellboy Celebrates 25 Years of Covers with a New Book from Dark Horse

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of the publication of Hellboy: Seed of Destruction, Dark Horse Comics is publishing Hellboy: 25 Years of Covers. In Hellboy: Seed of Destruction, creator Mike Mignola first introduced comic book readers to the Right Hand of Doom, the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense, and one of the most iconic comic book characters—and universes—of all time. And on July 3, 2019, Dark Horse will pay tribute to the characters’ legacy and 25 years of spellbinding covers with Hellboy: 25 Years of Covers, a deluxe, oversized hardcover collection that includes more than 150 full-page cover pieces from artists including Mike Mignola, Richard Corben, Duncan Fegredo, and more, featuring an introduction by colorist Dave Stewart and a foreword by Mignola.

Hellboy: 25 Years of Covers features over 150 covers, including:

  • All Hellboy issue covers from Seed of Destruction #1 to Hellboy in Hell #10;
  • Hellboy: House of the Living Dead;
  • Hellboy: Midnight Circus;
  • Hellboy: Into the Silent Sea;
  • Hellboy in Mexico;
  • Hellboy: Krampusnacht;
  • Hellboy Winter Special ;
  • B.P.R.D.: The Devil You Know #15;
  • And covers of upcoming and unannounced titles, including new covers by Mignola, Fegredo and Paolo Rivera.

The release of Hellboy: 25 Years of Covers continues Dark Horse’s year long celebration of Mike Mignola and his legendary creation, highlighted by Hellboy Day on March 23, 2019. For 2019’s Hellboy Day celebration, Dark Horse will publish a 25th anniversary, promotional edition of Hellboy: Seed of Destruction issue 1, featuring a new cover by Mignola and colorist Dave Stewart, which will be given away at participating comic book shops; and select stores across the country will host Hellboy Day events.

Hellboy: 25 Years of Covers

Master of Horror Richard Corben Returns with New Tales of Terror

The master of horror returns to Dark Horse! For nearly fifty years, Richard Corben has been terrifying readers with his unique visions of the macabre and the horrific. On December 14, 2016, the Eisner Hall of Famer launches his newest nightmarishly beautiful series: Shadows on the Grave.

Shadows on the Grave is an eight-issue mini-anthology of bizarre horror stories told in Corben’s signature black-and-white style. Each issue of Shadows on the Grave features four tales of horror, including the ongoing saga of Denaeus, a Greco-Roman-era version of Corben’s Den from Heavy Metal.


Review: Hellboy in Mexico TPB


In 1956, Hellboy caravans across Mexico—vampire hunting with luchadores, finding the Aztec gods, fighting evil turkeys and Frankenstein’s monster, and drinking way too much tequila, in the strangest collection of his adventures yet.

Hellboy in Mexico collects “Hellboy versus the Aztec Mummy,” “Hellboy Gets Married,” and “The Coffin Man 2: The Rematch” from Dark Horse Presents, “The Coffin Man” from Hellboy 20th Anniversary Sampler, Hellboy in Mexico, and Hellboy: House of the Living Dead.

Humor, horror, and just plain strange tales are contained in this interesting trade paperback collecting stories from a who’s who of creators. In many ways this is an extension of Hellboy: Weird Tales, since like that collection, each tale here is interconnected but separate. Each tale is has a small anecdote prelude to it before the story begins that gets you read. It also gives some entertaining insights to Mike Mignola’s creative process.

The art is exquisite throughout, with each tale clearly showing the unique influence, or art style of Mike Mignola. Each artist manages to manages to make the art theirs as their individual tales unfold while still flowing and feeling like it all goes together. Of course like most Hellboy comics and graphic novels, the art manages to showcase the strange life Hellboy leads as an agent of the BPRD and is as much of a draw as is the stories themselves.

Story: Mike Mignola Art: Mike Mignola, Richard Corben, Mick McMahon, Fabio Moon, Gabriel Ba
Story: 9 Art: 9 Overall: 9 Recommendation: Buy

Dark Horse Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

We Talk Rat God with Richard Corben

ratgod01Richard Corben‘s name is synonymous with comic book art.  In the era of the comic code and before the mainstream companies were even daring enough to start deconstructing their own universes, Richard was pushing the boundaries in Heavy Metal and other magazines.  He has continued his long and talented career since then.  His most recent offering is Rat God which he wrote and illustrated himself.  We got a chance to talk with him about the new series

Graphic Policy: Rat God #1 still leaves a lot open as to where the story is going as it incorporates in three different groups of people.  It does tie in some common themes though, such as travel, love and being an outsider.  Which themes are the most important in this series?

Richard Corben: Of those Love is the most important. In a series of this length, there is enough space to explore several themes and how they relate to the lead character.

GP: Is it easier to both write and draw a series?  Does it make it easier to realize the full story, or can it be easier to have another creator work on the story or art?

RC: For me it is certainly not easy to write and draw a story.  But it is much more fulfilling to have complete control over my work, at least as much as is possible. I enjoy visualizing other writer’s stories, but when I write myself, I keep having further ideas about a scenario and I’m free to utilize them.

GP: This is a story from different times, from both the unknown setting for the natives and an earlier time for the driver and the academic.  Is it hard to balance the narrative when changing the era of writing?

RC: Obviously, I don’t know what the hell I’m doing. My idea is to start in a prehistoric setting, and then try to make some connections to later events.  The narrator character, Mag the hag, is one way of creating continuity between story events widely separated in time. I’m not so much trying to make a balance as to create a unity between the first book and later books.

GP: Why did you choose New England as the setting for this story?  And why also choose a real place but then use a fictitious one for the city (Arkham)?

RC: My intention is to correlate several settings here.  I admit part of my goal was to create a pastiche of some of the themes used by Lovecraft; Arkham and the Miskatonic University are obvious Lovecraftian links.  There are also other instances where I use real things as well as fictitious ones, such as the real Indian tribe, the Tlingits, and a made up one, the Cthanhluks.

GP: The conflict here seems to not only be man versus man, but also man versus wilderness, as the characters struggle without fire for warmth or being stuck in a snowstorm. Are there challenges to writing when a protagonist is the natural world?

RC: In this case I’m drawing from my own anxiety and awe of the vast Northern forests. It is a common practice to isolate characters in a remote setting.  I wanted to escalate this idea and put them in an extremely remote setting. Much of man’s efforts are spent on conquering nature. I want to show that in some cases, nature can’t be conquered.

GP: Race plays a part in the narrative here as well.  Of course the characters are showing signs of their own prejudice, but how do you approach this as a writer to make the characters still approachable?

RC: Racial bigotry has always been with us. In the time period that I’m portraying, it was common even among intelligent sophisticated social groups.  I don’t want to give away an important plot conclusion, but Clark’s prejudices will haunt him further in the story, hopefully in unexpected ways.

GP: There are a lot more questions than answers after this impressive first issue.  Any clues on where the story might be going?

RC: The plot will become more entangled  with more sinister characters in more atmospherically moody settings before Clark can figure out and fight his way through the situation. The writing and drawing is still a challenge to me. I hope the readers enjoy it as much as I do creating it.

Preview: Vampirella Archives Vol. 8 HC


Howard Chaykin, Bill DuBay, Roger McKenzie & more (w)
Richard Corben, Jose Gonzalez, Esteban Maroto, Ramon Torrents & more (a)
Enrich (c)
FC • 328 pages • $49.99 • Mature

Vampirella, the alluring icon of horror comics, bids you welcome! The raven-haired hostess guides you through over thirty classic tales of terror and suspense, reprinted from issues #50-56 of the celebrated 1970s Vampirella Magazine. Visionary creators including Jose Gonzalez, Howard Chaykin, and Richard Corben grace these pages with such spine-chilling tales as, “Rise of the Undead,” “Bowser,” “Call Me Pantha,” “Dr. Wrighter’s Asylum of Horror,” and “The Headless Horseman.”


The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund Tease Their 2013 Liberty Annual

The 2013 Liberty Annual is almost here and today is the final order cut off for retailers!  You should support the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund and order your copy today!

CBLDF Liberty Annual 2013 is edited by Dark Horse Comics’ Editor in Chief  Scott Allie.  It features the talents of  Richard Corben, Gabriel Hardman, Corinna Bechko, Art Baltazar, Franco, Paul Tobin, Emi Lenox, and many, many more!  With stories ranging from reactions to the Pussy Riot incarceration to Richard Corben’s reflection on cartoonists and censorship and lots more in between, this year’s Liberty Annual is sure to inspire readers from all walks of life!


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