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The Boys are Coming to Pop!

New York Toy Fair as kicked off and Funko is rolling out new items available for order for stores.

The Boys are going have gone from comics to television and now they’re coming to Pop!s

Pop! TV: The Boys includes Homelander, Homelander Levitating, Starlight w/Glow, Queen Maeve, A-Train, Translucent (clear), Billy Butcher, and Hughie.

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The Umbrella Academy is coming to Funko Pop!s

Go on an adventure to save the world with your favorite teenage superheroes from The Umbrella Academy. Bring home Pop! Luther Hargreeves, Diego Hargreeves, Allison Hargreeves, Klaus Hargreeves, Ben Hargreeves, Vanya Hargreeves with a Chase, the time-jumping Number Five with a Chase and Pogo the chimpanzee. They might not be the nicest people but Pop! Cha-Cha and Pop! Hazel are still useful assassins to have around.

Pop! TV: The Umbrella Academy is coming soon from Funko.

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