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Betty Boop Angel & Devil Pop! are Coming Soon from Funko

Pop! Animation: Angel Betty Boop and Devil Betty Boop are coming soon from Funko.

Bring some Jazz Age flapper swagger to your collection with an angelic 
Betty Boop dressed in white and playing a golden harp. Betty’s red lipstick,
nail polish, heart garter and heels bring a pop of color and sass to her
otherwise innocent appearance.

Pop! Animation: Angel Betty Boop

If you prefer a darker and slightly more menacing version of Betty Boop,
Devil Betty Boop is dressed entirely in red from the horns on her head to her read forked tail and the trident she brandishes ominously in her hands.

Pop! Animation: Devil Betty Boop

Pop! Animation: Betty Boop this September


Bring some Jazz Age flapper swagger to your collection with the soon-to-be-released Betty Boop with Pudgy Pop! vinyl figure. With her characteristic red dress and heels, canine companion Pudgy and good-natured spirit, Betty should be a vibrant and welcome addition to any collection.

Pop! Animation: Betty Boop is out this September from Funko.

Look for the black and white version of Betty Boop with Pudgy at Entertainment Earth! Look for the Chase! Shown in a red dress.