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Plastic Blue and Stone Collector from Gen Manga

gen_logoGEN Manga has an exciting new digital and print publishing schedule for 2014. Now, all-new original stories can be read every month exclusively on www.genmanga.com and print fans can find new GEN titles at their local bookstore each month, too!

This month’s new original story from Gen Manga’s underground indie manga creators in Japan is Plastic Blue.

Plastic Blue is a story of two high school girls, Minato and Shizuki. One has a crush on the other, but has been turned down… Minato loves Shizuki, but will they ever get together? Plastic Blue is the newest addition to GEN Manga’s ongoing series of short stories in their Flavor collection.

Flavor stories bring fans tales of high-school girls who make friends with the unlikeliest outcasts—witches, ghosts, and living dolls, ostracized and bullied because of their gloomy appearance and introspective temperaments.  These hapless characters find companionship and acceptance though serendipitous encounters with their seemingly commonplace counterparts. Both cute and endearing, the psyche of high-school girls is explored in a cute fantasy world of ghosts and other ghastly misfits.

This month’s print release is Stone Collector Book One.

Pieces of a curse fall from the sky as if to mock the cruelty and evil of humanity. These stones create wretched beasts and the blood of these beasts turn human flesh into the undead. There is only one thing that can destroy these hellish fiends—Jade Stone. This is the story of a Stone Collector—one who wields Jade-forged blades. A man whose family was murdered by these evil abominations, he now has vowed to rid the world of the foul presence!

Zom-J, aka Red Ice, is also the artist on the very popular Space Dandy, currently being serialized in Japan and currently airing to rave reviews as an Anime on Cartoon Network.