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Choice Quotes

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The Killer: Modus Vivendi #4

Killer – What do you think of all this shit in Venezuela?

Katia – The CIA helped those army sobs overthrow Chavez because he nationalized oil, but they didn’t expect that kind of reaction from the people, and they don’t know what to do.  Shows times are changing.

Killer – How’s that?

Katia – A few years ago, they would’ve killed him right off, like Allende.  They haven’t killed him yet; they’re not sure what step to take next.  They’re afraid the whole region will rebel.  That’s good.  They can’t do what they want anymore.

The Royal Historian of Oz

Jasper Fizzle – I believe in it the way one believes in Santa Claus, or peace.  It’s something that should exist as an ideal.

Choice Quotes

Dark Reign: The List – the Amazing Spider-man

Norah – C’mon Spidey! Beat the crap out of him!

Ben – Norah, at Front Line, we’re journalists, and we strive to be impartial and fair-minded.

Norah – Who’re you kidding, Ben?  We’re a lefty rag and proud of it.

Ben- Ah, you’re right.  Kick his teeth in web-head!

Real of Kings: Inhumans #1

Devos the Devastator – War is anathema. Peace is the only true state.

Choice Quotes

X-Men: Legacy #225

Xavier – Exodus–

Exodus – I renounce that name.  Moses led his people to a land flowing with milk and honey.  I presided over a retreat.

Xavier – That’s not what this is.  It was way past time.  That’s all.  To declare an armistice on wars we already lost.  Not to forget the past but to make our peace with it — and live at last in the present.

Exodus – The present?  It’s a wilderness where wounded animals spit at heaven.  And devour each other, even as they die.

Xavier – Then change it.

Choice Quotes

Avengers: The Initiative #19

Tippy-Toe Says – Squirrel Girl would rather go naked than wear fur!


Skull-Kill Krew – I understand all right.  God doesn’t love you.  He loves America.

Dark Reign: New Nation

Captain America – I believe in an idea… an idea a single individual who has the right heart and the right mind… that is consumed with a single purpose… that one man can win a war.  Give that one man a group of soldiers with the same conviction… and you can change the world.

The Invincible Iron Man #8

Osborn – The Superhuman Registration Database, Stark.  You know the one I mean.  Where is it?  How do I access it?

Stark – It’s — Ah — It’s Not — Osborn.  It’s not your personal file-o-fax.  You can’t just browse it at your leisure.  You need about a half-dozen warrants and probable cause and a federal judge to—

Osborn – Commander.

Stark – … Excuse me?

Osborn – You called me “Osborn.”  I’m trying “Commander Osborn” on for the size at the moment.

Stark – Well.  “Commander.”  You don’t get to go flipping through the database any more than you get to seize someone’s cell phone records or decide to call yourself commander.

X-Factor #38

Madrox – In the end, sometimes the smart thing is to bypass bad habits and learned behavior.  There are entire countries where fighting is the default position.  If you’re willing to put aside that mindset… it’s amazing how much you can accomplish with minimal fuss.

Uncanny X-Men #505

Mayor of San Francisco – This is San Francisco.  The hated and misunderstood have always had a home here.

Choice Quotes

Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds #1

Brainiac 6 – You still cling to the impossible: the eradication of xenophobia.

Saturn Girl – It’s not impossible. I have peered into the minds of those that hold onto hate and I have seen the potential to change that. We can bring out the best in them, just like Superman brought out the best in us.

X-Factor: Layla Miller

Future President – Understand these steps are being taken not out of hostility…but out of love for all of you. Do not let cruel hostile words from agitators frighten you. War is peace. Hatred is acceptance.


Layla Miller – On April 11, 2003, when Donald Rumsfeld was asked about rioting in Iraq, he said “Think what’s happened in our cities when we’ve had riots, and problems and looting. Stuff happens!”

DMZ #34

Even before the voting opened, the trouble started. The intimidation, the irregularities, the breakdown… the fear… and the violence.

Every vote counted probably meant three chucked in the garbage. Or worse. But they voted. And cried and bled and fell and died in the streets for that vote. But every vote, every intention to put a mark next to a name, well, that fucking counted even if the paper record was disappeared. It counted.

Captain America #41

Reporter –Since Ross Perot that an Independent Candidate has been invited to be a part of any Presidential debates. And yet there’s —

Reporter 2 — Senator Wright’s popularity in the polls, the committee had little choice. And as you can see turnout is massive. Already the hall is filled to —

Final Crisis: Revelations #1

Here’s the difference between vengeance and justice. Vengeance comes from the heart, it’s driven by emotion. Justice comes from the head, it’s driven by reason. This is why the victim of a crime isn’t allowed to be part of the jury.

The Invincible Iron Man #5

Ezekiel Stane – It’s not terror if civilians don’t get killed dummy. It’s tragic and unjust and inexplicable. That’s why they call it terror. You got a lot to learn about the way the world works these days, Tony.