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ComiXology Ends the Year with Four New Releases from DC, Harlequin, AAM-Markosia, and Zenescope

It’s the last day of the year but there’s new comics for you to enjoy. ComiXology features four new digital comics from DC Comics, Harlequin, AAM-Markosia, and Zenescope. Get shopping now or check them out below.

Batman: The Adventures Continue (2020-) #17

Written by Alan Burnett, Paul Dini
Pencils Ty Templeton
Inks Ty Templeton
Colored by Monica Kubina

It’s a race through Gotham as Batman and Robin chase down the gift and its recipient. Can Batman get a hold on the villain and save the New Year’s celebration or will this new year be over before it even starts?!

Batman: The Adventures Continue (2020-) #17

The Innocent’s Shock Pregnancy

Written by Carol Marinelli
Art by Yu Asami

Merida works at a gallery by day as she awaits her big break on Broadway. She is called in one day to show their newest exhibit to Ethan Devereux, youngest son of New York real estate royalty. Seeing his raven hair and piercing eyes, Merida struggles to keep her well-trained composure… When a night of passion with Ethan results in pregnancy, Merida finds herself married to this cold and stoic man, faced with the biggest role in her career yet—the part of a loving wife. With the entire world as her stage, can she succeed in keeping her act and her heart apart?

The Innocent's Shock Pregnancy

Rammur #1

Written by Charles Santino
Art by Carlos Aon, Dave Bardin, Matt Chic, Paulo Peres, Marco Perugini

A museum heist gone wrong. Two thieves dead. Rammur’s fusion gear damaged. The target of the break-in — a banned objet d’art — destroyed. But that’s just the beginning of Rammur’s problems, because one of his colleagues is a police informant. Can Rammur figure out who’s tipping off the cops before he finds himself in a Global Freedom Authority labor camp?

Rammur #1

Robyn Hood Annual: World’s Apart

Written by Lou Iovino
Art by Babisu Kourtis
Colored by Juan M Rodriguez

A year ago, Robyn Hood’s best friend, Marian Quin, suffered a horrible loss. In order to save our world, Marian had to make a hard sacrifice. She sent her wife, Sam, to an unknown fate across the universe, to a world torn apart by gigantic hideous monsters once only imagined in nightmares. But now, she has a found a way to get there, and with the help of Robyn she hopes to save Sam from the savage world she was banished to.

Don’t miss this giant-sized story sure to rock the world of Robyn for years to come!

Robyn Hood Annual: World's Apart

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