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Paizo Announces a New Core Campaign for the Pathfinder Society

pathfinder logoPaizo Inc., publisher of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, have announced a new campaign mode for its popular Pathfinder Society Organized Play global roleplaying game campaign. This new mode of play, called the Pathfinder Society Core Campaign, will use the basic game established in the bestselling Pathfinder RPG: Core Rulebook to offer a streamlined gaming experience, limited scenario replay, and a simpler entry-point for new players.

The goal is to make the Pathfinder Society more accessible and fun to play as possible. This change has come after feedback from the community, and this provides an easier way for new players to enjoy the RPG.

The standard Pathfinder Society Organized Play campaign, now in its seventh year, remains unchained, offering a wealth of character options drawn from Paizo’s entire library of Pathfinder supplements. Both campaign modes use the same Pathfinder Society scenarios, four-hour fantasy adventures designed to challenge player skill and group cooperation.

In the new Core Campaign, player character options such as race, class, feats, and equipment are limited to those included in the Pathfinder RPG: Core Rulebook and the free Campaign Traits document. Additional treasures, rewards, and character options are unlocked as players complete scenarios, as listed upon the chronicle sheets distributed at the conclusion of each scenario.

A player may play each Pathfinder Society scenario twice, once with a Core Campaign character and once with a standard Pathfinder Society organized play character, allowing a robust replay option for the first time since the launch of the campaign. A character must belong to either the Core Campaign or the standard campaign—not both. At any time a Core Campaign character may transition into the standard campaign, but no standard campaign character may transition to the Core Campaign.

With the launch of Core Campaign, players have four new Pathfinder Society play opportunities each month, as both players and GMs. The Core Campaign, launching today, is open to new and veteran players, and the current campaign remains unchanged.