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Victor Santos’ Paranoia Killer returns to Panel Syndicate

Panel Syndicate turns 10 this week and what better way to celebrate than to welcome back superstar artist Víctor Santos with a very special one-shot issue set in the world of Paranoia Killer!

Retired detective Kindred has a special private case: to find a young girl, the typical spoiled rich heir. But what starts as a seemingly routine job quickly spirals into something more disturbing, dragging our detective down into a world of secret societies and forbidden experiments.

Paranoia Killer: Virya further explores the sci-fi thriller universe of the Paranoia Killer series, an unsettling place where strange gods await beyond the veil of a confusing and unstable reality.

And as a special bonus, Panel Syndicate has collected the original four issues of the series in a convenient 131-page volume, ideal for old readers to revisit the story, or to discover for all those who haven’t read it, yet. Both are available now at panelsyndicate.com for whatever price you want to pay, including zero!

Victor Santos’ Paranoia Killer #4 is available now on Panel Syndicate

This is it! The action-packed fourth and final issue of Victor Santos‘ sci-fi thriller Paranoia Killer! It’s available now on Panel Syndicate.

A new being, the result of the fusion of the minds of Nathalie Laertes and her twin brother Fabien, has been born in the Orange Room! Is she the true Delon Sombre? Is she a Deity of Mercy or a God of Destruction? Friedkin and his soldiers are about to find out… The conclusion to the series arrives with irreversible consequences for all its characters.

We’ll hopefully see more of Santos’ work on Panel Syndicate but for now, you can get Paranoia Killer #4 now on the site for whatever price you want to pay, including zero!

Victor Santos’ Paranoia Killer #3 is available on Panel Syndicate

The third issue of Victor Santos sci-fi thriller Paranoia Killer has arrived!

Agent Ames has his own plan to escape the Phlegethon and end the Thorncrown organization… but will Nathalie Laertes be included or will she be just an expendable pawn? The boundaries between reality and dream, sanity and madness blur inside the walls of that damned fortress. And Friedkin reveals himself as a leader of… what? An apocalyptic army? A cult? We don’t know but he may end up finding something more than he expected…

Don’t miss this action-filled 30-page book, available now at Panel Syndicate for whatever price you want to pay, including zero!