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Review: Giant Robot Warrior Maintenance Crew

Giant Robot Warrior Maintenance CrewThe robot warrior known as Herotron is famous throughout the Republic of Worlds as a champion of peace, a defender of justice and a protector of all colonized planets. Whenever a new galactic threat might arise, Republic citizens can rest easy knowing that Herotron and its brave Pilots are out there.

But what most people don’t realize is that deep within Herotron’s service tunnels, an overworked Maintenance Crew struggles to keep the robot working. It’s a never-ending job done in terrible conditions, and it doesn’t help that Herotron’s Pilots are complete morons.

Erica Pratch always wanted to pilot a giant robot, but when she received her rejection notice she opted for the next best thing – working inside of one as part of the maintenance crew. Now along with an eclectic crew of mechanics and misfits she saves the galaxy every day by making sure that, despite the efforts of the inept pilots and an infestation of space parasites, Herotron makes it home from every mission in one piece.

Voltron? Zoids? Gundam? We know the pilots of all of these robots, but there’s got to be a crew that keeps them running right? This is the series that explores that. Created by Nate Hill and Mervyn McKoy (Hill writes and McKoy provides art), Giant Robot Warrior Maintenance Crew is absolutely hilarious, playing off nostalgia, and poking fun at the somewhat classic genre. I loved the story, it’s fun, funny, just perfectly entertaining. The story really bounces all over to a point you don’t know what to expect, and at points it gets out there. But, even when it does, the story is laugh out loud funny.

The art is entertaining and a solid match to the tone, with a cartoonish feel, but also a kinetic punch to it all. Like the story itself, the art is an homage to what’s come before.

The series is fantastic, and as a fan of the type of story that it spoofs I enjoyed it even more. If you’ve ever wondered how those giant robots keep working, this is the series for you. If you just want a funny and entertaining comic to read, this is absolutely for you.

Story: Nate Hill Art: Mervyn McKoy
Story: 8 Art: 8 Overall: 8 Recommendation: Buy

Cosmic Times provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review