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The weekend is almost here, yay!  Here’s the news to get you through the day and into the weekend.

Around the Blogs:

Stranger Comics – STRANGER GOES HOLLYWOODCongrats!

CBLDF – Diamond Helps CBLDF Raise Nearly $30,000 with Retailer Membership Drive – Please give this holiday season!

ICv2 – Avengers Movie HeroClixI really really really wish I had someone to play with.

The Mary Sue – Charges Dropped Against Occupy Oakland Journalist Susie CagleWill their be a counter lawsuit over unlawful detention?

Comics Alliance – Psychologist Uses Superhero Comics to Treat His PatientsInteresting…

Comicvine – Greg Rucka On How To Write A Strong Female CharacterSo, that’s two male writers discussing this….

Kotaku – These are the Vita’s Touch Controls for Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. They’re Optional.No idea how this game system will sell.

Kotaku – Batman’s Return to Arkham City is Triumphant, But ShortGood review of the game.

GQ – For God and Country: An Illustrated Account of the Raid on Osama bin LadenAn interesting read but a little too Call of Duty for me.


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Comics Alliance – The Defenders #1

IGN – Hulk #45

CBR – O.M.A.C. #4

IGN – Comic Book Reviews for 12/7/11

Around the Tubes

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Some more political comic book related news yesterday as the Minnesota GOP decided to put Neil Gaiman square in their sites. We’ll have more about it later today. While you either checked to make sure your credit card wasn’t being used by thieves (after yet another Playstation break-in) or participating in the Gaiman dust-up, here’s the news you might have missed.

Around the Blogs:

Kotaku – Week in ComicsKotaku gives us this week’s new release highlights with a video game focus.

IGN – New Ultimate Hawkeye SeriesI keep asking, but is it time for me to check the Ultimate universe out?

Bleeding Cool – New Green Lantern Ad Wants Our Help In Finding The TruthLove the fact more movies and comics are embracing alternate reality tie-in games.

IGN – Indie Comic Kills Bin LadenIs this going to be the new Obama in comics?  Everyone capping Osama?

Around the Tubes Reviews:

Seattle PI – After Dark, Hot Wire and Ryder on the Storm #3

The Ars Legendi – Batman: The Killing Joke

ICv2 – Blue Exorcist Vol. 1

The Fandom Post – Empowered Vol. 1

Comic Booked – Very Near Mint

Graphic Novel News – We Kill Monsters

Super Heroes Party After Osama News

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Super heroes (well, people dressed as them) partied it up with the crowds after word spread of the killing of Osama bin Laden.

Captain America crowd surfed over the cheering masses.

Normally, you’d expect to see him in New York, but Spider-Man hung out with the cheering crowds outside the White House.

Spider-Man outside the White House
(h/t The Mary Sue)
Almost American