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President Obama has increased the sales of the numerous comic books he’s been a part of.  His appearance drove Amazing Spider-man #583 to be the top selling comic of the decade.  Despite being only out for a year the issue sold just shy of 525,000 copies.  So, logically numerous comic book companies are using the President to boost their sales.

Courtesy of Comixology we came across from this offering from Antarctic Press.  Coming this January, may we present Obamamouse!

ObamamouseThe economy is crumbling like stale roquefort. We are at war with Owl Kaida, our soldiers being targeted by their traps, poisons and predators. When the nation, perhaps the whole world, needs change, one rodent steps forward to offer it: Barack Obamouse. But if his daring plans for the country are to succeed, he will have to win over his skeptic political rivals and countrymice, including Hen Beck, John McCrane, Sarah Penguin and Ratt Limbaugh!