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GrayHaven Comics Goes Digital

GrayHaven Comics has announced that they are partnering with Barnes & Noble to offer their library of titles digitally for the Nook. This is the latest announcement regarding digital comics that have included new Android apps from BOOM! and Dark Horse and DC Comics digital comic expansion.

For three years GrayHaven has dedicated itself to providing up and coming creators an opportunity to have their work published, often for the first time through The Gathering anthology while also have star creators like Sterling Gates, Victor Gischler, John Jackson Miller and Gail Simone lend their talents to the books.

In the latter half of 2012 GrayHaven launched the self-contained mini-series Mother and Son and Of Wolf and Woman and will spinoff a new full color horror anthology Tales From the Abyss and in 2013 Phase Two of GrayHaven begins with the release of more self-contained series:

Chronographer by Erica Heflin, Fabio Pio, Edson Alves and Carlos Paul and Run Like Hell by Elena Andrews and George Amaru adapted from the thriller with the same name, 11:59 by Andrew Goletz and Nick Francis, Titanium Star by Victor Gischler and Sam Tung and Tomorrow by John Coker, Jason Hissong and Devin Taylor.

The publisher will be making all their comics available in both print and digital and are actually having a “more aggressive schedule lined up in 2013 and 2014 than ever before.”

10 Questions: The Gathering Edition – Nick Francis

We continue our interview series with members of The Gathering and GrayHaven Comics. We’ve put out the same questions to numerous individuals and can compare their responses. A hopefully intriguing interview series.

Check out our previous interviews.

George Amaru Doug Hahner James O’Callaghan
Elena Andrews Erica J. Heflin Chris Page
Arcadio Bolaños Travis M. Holyfield Amanda Rachels
Marc Deschamps Marc Lombardi Jason Snyder
Andrew Goletz Glenn Matchett Sam Tung

Up next is penciler Nick Francis.

Graphic Policy: How did you get started in the comic book industry?

Nick Francis: Social networking and posting my art. I have had the pleasure of learning from my idols as well.

GP: Were you a fan of comic books before?

NF: I have been a fan of comics since the early 90’s pre-image era

GP: Do you read comics now? If so, what are some of your current picks?

NF: Batman, Red Hood and the Outlaws, mostly DC titles

GP: How did you get involved with The Gathering?

NF: A friend of mine sent me a link to GrayHaven and I contacted them. Rest is history :)

GP: Each issue of The Gathering has a theme, how did that factor into the comic creation?

NF: I’m actually not involved in a Gathering book with them at the moment. We are working on something special.

GP: What advice would you give to independent creators just breaking into the business?

NF: Never give up and always have a great attitude. Learn as much as you can about every aspect of making comics.

GP: What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned through your experiences?

NF: It can be stressful at times but never giving up seems to stand true.

GP: Do you think it’s easier today for creators to get published?

NF: With programs like Kickstarter I think it’s a lot easier than say, ten years ago.

GP: How do you think technology like social networking or crowdfunding sites like IndieGoGo or Kickstarter are impacting comic book publishing?

NF: Everyone is more accessible from fans to comic book creators. It definitely helps up and comers more

GP: What can we expect from you next?

NF: Hopefully big things!

GrayHaven Phase Two Announcements

GrayHaven Comics has been hinting about their Phase Two for a while now and we got the first of their announcements last week.  Over the weekend they announced more projects, further diversifying their projects and showing why they’re an independent publisher to keep our eyes on.

GrayHaven Comics will be aggressively expanding their publishing line. New One Shots, Mini Series and Ongoings will begin to roll out over the next few months through New York Comic Con and into 2013

In addition to print collections of several of their popular web-comics there’s also the one-shot Sparks, a hard boiled detective drama by Glenn Matchett and Cassandra James and My Geek Family, a heartwarming slice of life tale by Doug Hahner and Dober-Man, a love letter to the Silver Age of comics by Travis Holyfield and Ed Whatley.

They’re also releasing 5 major projects in the first quarter of 2013:


Chronographer– a time travel mystery by Erica HeflinFabio Pio, Edson Alves and Carlos Paul
Tomorrow sci-fi superheroic epic mini-series by Jason Hissong, John Coker and Devin Taylor
Run Like Hell – the comic adaptation of the hit YA Thriller by Elena Andrews and George Amaru

Ongoing Series:

11:59 – a post-apocalyptic horror series by Andrew Goletz and Nick Francis
Titanium Star a Sci Fi/Western series of mini series by Victor Gischler and Sam Tung