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Around the Tubes

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DC’s post-Flashpoint news is still coming fast and furious.  We’ll continue to keep our special section going as long as the news continues to flow.  Maybe DC needs to teach it’s employees how to keep secrets while it restructures?

Around the Blogs:

Kotaku – Week in Comics: Dr. Strange Underwater, Dave McKean’s Return, Sonic’s Road to ‘Genesis’ and Other Welcome SurprisesKotaku highlights their picks for the week.

The Beat – Meanwhile: Dark Horse announces retailer exclusives for digitalLost in all of the DC news, Dark Horse has announced a decent digital plan that is inclusive of brick and mortar stores.

Post Flashpoint:

Bleeding Cool – DC Relaunch: Detective Comics #1 and Batman #1

Bleeding Cool – DC Relaunch: Grifter #1

Bleeding Cool – DC Relaunch: My Greatest Adventure #1

Bleeding Cool – DC Relaunch: OMAC #1 Additional

Geekweek – Plans For DC Number Ones Revealed

Bleeding Cool – DC Relaunch: DC Women To Wear Trousers

Bleeding Cool – DC Relaunch: Batgirl #1 and Nightwing #1 UPDATE

Bleeding Cool – Flashpost: The Morning After The Night Before (UPDATE)

The Beat – DC’s new line: What we know, what we’re saying

IGN – More DCU Reboot Details

Bleeding Cool – Jim Lee: “I won’t f*#k this up”, Plus Your Handy DC Comics Reboot

IGN – 8 Questions About the DCU Reboot

Around the Tubes Reviews:

ICv2 – Ai Ore! Vol. 1

Comic Book Resources – Criminal: The Last of the Innocent #1

Seattle Pi – Dr. Horrible And Other Horrible Stories

Good Comic Books – Fathom #0

IGN – Fear Itself #3

IGN – Flashpoint #2

IGN – Intrepids #4

Lore Lush Book Reviews – Mercy Thompson: Moon Called, Volume 1

Thorn’s A.D.D. Culture – Neverwhere

IGN – Shinku #1

Complex – Can “Flashpoint” Top “Fear Itself” For Event Superiority?

Around the Tubes

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It’s a packed edition of Around the Tubes with lots of stories we missed but also continuing WonderCon coverage and a flood of reviews.  Enjoy!

Around the Blogs:

Comics Alliance – Sean Phillips & Crime Novelist Don Winslow’s Free ‘Sunset on Sunset’ Comic [Preview]Philips’s work is some of the best out there.

Bleeding Cool – Live From The DMZ LaunchesOne of my favorite series gets a great website dedicated to it.  I can’t wait to see what it has in store.

Comic Book Resources – I Like Marvel’s Re-Numbering PlanI generally agree with this assessment.

Newsarama – New Doc to Explore Comics Code, Fredric Wertham ArchivesThis is a key moment in comic book history.  One every fan and free speech advocate should understand.

Bleeding Cool – A Comic Show – The Best Week In Comics Of The Year So FarA solid week of books.

WonderCon Coverage:

Comicvine – WonderCon 2011: Judd Winick

Examiner – WonderCon 2011: 35,000 fans, hundreds of superheroes go home happy (Video)

Comicvine – WonderCon 2011: Rick Remender

Graphic Novel Reporter – Happy Birthday, Wonder-Con: A Review of the Show

Comicvine – Wondercon 2011: The Cosplay Challenge

Comicvine – WonderCon2011: Mattel Booth Tour

Comicvine – WonderCon 2011: Joe Quesada

Comicvine – WonderCon 2011: Frank Quitely

Comicvine – WonderCon 2011: Spider-Man: Edge of Time Interview

GeekWeek – Wondercon ’11: Watch The New THUNDERCATS Trailer in HD

Comicvine – WonderCon 2011: Floor Wrap-Up

Comicvine – WonderCon 2011: J.T. Krul (Part 1-DC Comics)

Comicvine – WonderCon 2011: Jeph Loeb

Around the Tubes Reviews:

Graphic Novel Reporter –Anya’s Ghost

Graphic Novel Reporter – Babymouse: Cupcake Tycoon

Graphic Novel Reporter – Beauty and the Squat Bears

Seattle Pi – Elephant Man

Seattle Pi – The Complete Essex County

The Aaugh Blog – Happiness is a Warm Blanket, Charlie Brown

Graphic Novel Reporter – Hellblazer: Pandemonium

Graphic Novel Reporter – Lethe

Waking Brain Cells – Lost & Found: A Graphic Novel Wonderland

Graphic Novel Reporter – Lucille

ICv2 – Mercy Thompson: Moon Called’ Vol. 1 TP

North 40 – North 40

Seattle Pi – Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc

Graphic Novel Reporter – The Rawhide Kid: The Sensational Seven

Seattle Pi – The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Graphic Novel Reporter – Street Fighter Legends: Ibuki

Graphic Novel Reporter – Thor: The Mighty Avenger

GeekWeek – Time Bomb

Seattle Pi – Tumor

Graphic Novel Reporter – The Waking