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Fresh Romance Announces New Creative Teams, Stories, and two new Kickstarter Stretch Goals

Fresh RomanceRosy Press publisher Janelle Asselin has announced the new creative teams and stories for upcoming issues of Fresh Romance, the digital romance comics magazine that is currently being funded via a now-live Kickstarter campaign. Upcoming stories will include:

  • A sexy and surprising fantasy tale written by Marguerite Bennett.
  • The first ever collaboration of writer Marcy Cook and Maya Kern, in which a couple wins, then loses, a heart-shaped helium balloon which they follow through the fair.
  • A romantic comedy about one woman’s deep, abiding love… for a Game Master by Jen Van Meter and Kyle Latino with Marissa Louise.
  • A fantasy story from the publisher of the Smut Peddler anthology, Spike Trotman, about a woman in a tower who romanticizes a man she sees from above everyday.

Asselin’s new imprint Rosy Press will debut Fresh Romance in May 2015. The first issue of the monthly anthology features sundry stories ranging from a clandestine, queer high school love affair to an impeccably researched and illustrated Regency-era romance.

Rosy Press has also announced two significant, newsworthy stretch goals:

  • A Kevin Wada cover for issue 5, plus a digital wallpaper pack of all the covers for all backers will be added if the Kickstarter campaign raises $42,500.
  • A 10-page comic written by bestselling writer Gail Simone and illustrated by Rafaela Herrera will be available exclusively for all backers who are one-year subscribers, if the Kickstarter campaign raises $47,500.

Aimed at attracting a diverse readership, Fresh Romance content will be available in a variety of digital formats: via ComiXology or as a PDF, CBR, or ePub file, and will always be DRM-free.

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