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SDCC 2022: Mad Cave Studios Announces its 2022 Talent Search Winners

Announcing the 5th annual Mad Cave Studios Talent Search winners! With submissions open to creators all across the globe, there’s a massive amount of talent that sends submissions to the contest. By running this talent search, Mad Cave Studios‘ goal is to give aspiring creators the opportunity that many people can only dream of: having their work published!

This year marks the 5th anniversary of Mad Cave Studios’ highly-anticipated annual talent search. For the first time, they’ve expanded the talent search to include two colorists and two letterers, along with two writers and two illustrators.

Here are the eight winners of the Fifth Annual Talent Search!  

Writers: Rachel Pinnelas, Keith Frady
Illustrators: Ricardo Cecchi, Marco Tortella
Colorists: Marco Pelandra, Marcello Iozzoli
Letterers: Renato Quiroga, Andriy Lukin