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Review: Man-Eaters #4

Man-Eaters #4

This exclusive special report will be a must-buy for Man-Eaters fans and collectors, while also acting as a stand-alone entry point for those who are new to the series. “Cat Fight” is the illustrated cat defense manual you, and your customers, have been waiting for.

I haven’t read any issues of Man-Eaters, we had someone else review for the first issue. But, as this is boasted as an “entry point,” I thought I’d check it out in a short week. And, it’s not really an entry point.

Man-Eaters #4 has one thing going for it, it’s very creative. Writer Chelsea Cain has put together a full magazine set in the world they’ve created. This isn’t the usual narrative in comics, instead we’re treated to articles and listicles. They do a mixed job of introducing us to it all and that’s the frustration. As a new reader, I’m still not sure what I can expect if I were to pick up the comic. I have somewhat of a sense that men are endangered by these were-cat like people but that’s about it.

The creative is impressive and handled by Lia Miternique, with additional art by Stella Greenvoss and additional writing by Eliza Fantastic Mohan and additional swagger by Katie Lane. The release though is beyond creative in its presentation and what’s within. There’s a biting satire about it all and delivered in a way that it looks like any magazine you might pick up in a store. You can spend a ot of time dissecting and debating the content within as it takes jabs at misogyny and cat culture at the same time. The effort is amazing and the concept is amazing. But, as far as an entry point, that I’d quibble with.

The comic will stand out as one of the more interesting and daring releases of the year, something you might find on Free Comic Book Day. But, as far as an entry point for new readers, it doesn’t quite work. As a new reader, I’m no more interested or understand the world than before I read the comic. This one gets an A for the effort and execution but not sure it hits the bullseye as far as its goal.

Writer/Creator: Chelsea Cain
Cover/Creative Producer: Lia Miternique
Additional Interior Art: Lia Miternique, Stella Greenvoss
Additional Writing: Eliza Fantastic Mohan Swagger: Katie Lane
Overall Rating: 7.5 Recommendation: Read

Image Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review