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Review: Kim & Kim #2

KIM & KIM #2 1When we left off last month, Kim & Kim were saving a bounty (Tom Quilt) from the Catalan team sent to retrieve him. Instead of turning him in a gaining some much-needed money for the bounty (that is more like a kidnapping and return to slavery), the girls decide to run and help Tom get back home.

Issue # 2 starts off with Kim & Kim & Tom Quilt on the hunt for Lady Babylon so that they can get Tom free from El Scorcho’s grasp and back home. This issue takes us a magical and action packed journey complete with bar fights, necromancy, a huge Beetlejuice throwback sandworm from the netherworld, a re-connection with family members, avoidance of contact with family members and, a guitar solo turned up to 11 that might just save the world.

A whole lot of back story and character development are packed into this issue. We get to learn more about Kim Q’s estranged dad and their relationship. The fact that he still has her listed in his phone as Joaquin is pretty telling. We also, get to know more about our she-roes personality and formative years. Each issue seems to sneak in bits of character development and backstory while still pushing the main story forward.

Magdalene Visaggio‘s writing is on point. It’s funny, clever and smart with just the right amount of sass. There isn’t a caption block or word bubble wasted which is refreshing. Her style is flawless and makes up want to keep reading. The story line is a nice read, Magdalene manages to fit an awful lot of story in very few pages. Each issue so far had been pretty self-contained so, you can pick up at issue #2 , get into it and then read #1. I also appreciate the fact that there isn’t a whole lot of mentioning of the transgender main characters.

It’s refreshing to have trans characters being represented without them being used as story props or being sensationalized. The fact that Kim & Kim are trans isn’t the main story, it’s slipped in as a fact and then the reader is allowed to carry on and get into the story. I like that there is no attempt made by the writer to explain the trans nature of the characters, they are introduced as exactly what they are, people. The way that Magdalene handles the characters sexuality is well done and she deserves high praise for her inclusionary writing and the diversity it showcases.

Eva Cabrera‘s art work is fire! The colors (thank you Claudia Aguirre) pop. The detail is amazing and the facial expressions make the characters seem real. Eva’s art work merged with Magdalene’s words and story creates some very beautiful comic book magic.

Overall Issue #2 was a great find and a wonderful read and, I will be back again to see how the story plays out and how two of my new fave female comic book bad asses get through their mission, to save Tom Quilt and get him and the other drug mule slaves El Scorcho is holding hostage free.

Story: Magdalene Viaggio Art: Eva Cabrera Color: Claudia Aguirre
Story: 9 Art: 8.8 Overall: 9 Recommendation: Buy

Black Mask Studios provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review