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The God Machine Gets a re:Vision on Kickstarter

The God Machine by Chandra Free was originally released in 2010 and earned a glowing review from us for its beautiful art and unique style. A decade later, it’s back with The God Machine Volume 1 re:Vision now being published through Machina Corpse, the publishing company of Free and Stephen Emond. A Kickstarter is currently underway.

Guy Salvatore is stricken with sadness and guilt. His world no longer makes sense. His girlfriend has died and he’s seeing monsters. Are they manifestations of grief or something more? A strange man in a graveyard tells Guy that his girlfriend is indeed alive, floating in and out of the “Dream Worlds” and that only Guy can save her! However, the Gods stand in his way of happiness. Could this be the uniting of young lovers, or the end of everything else?

The God Machine Volume 1 re:Vision not only kickstarts the original release but will lead to volume 2 and beyond. This version is the “definitive” version with new content throughout. The series features a new logo, new lettering by Taylor Esposito, refined dialogue, overall, it’s a lot more polished with extended scenes, new pages, new characters… it’s a re:Vision.

You can get a PDF copy for $15 and the physical hardcover is at the $35 level. Other pledge items include pins, prints, and so much more.

The Kickstarter campaign has raised over 1/3 of its goal of $24,000 in its first day. The campaign ends on April 8 at 10:30am EDT.

The God Machine Vol. 1 re:Vision