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Review: The Eighth Immortal #1

The Eighth Immortal #1

The Eighth Immortal #1 takes us to a Highlander-like world where there’s seven immortals never more and never less, until now. The immortals have over the years had children with regular humans leading to the possible creation of more but one is tasked with preventing that, sucking the essence out that causes the change. That is, until she meets a child who might be the kid she left for dead.

Written by Jake Murray, The Eighth Immortal #1 is an interesting debut with a feel about it that gives it a vibe similar to manga. It’ extends that to the look as well but the story itself feels very influenced by that sort of story.

It’s an interesting debut fused with an emotional telling of the story. There’s a haunting aspect of it all as its clear this is a story about loss and also a questioning of this reality. Through its main character, we get doubts about the status-quo. These seven immortals live their lives and with it comes a disconnection from humanity. There’s also a sense of boredom among them. They act out in ways to make themselves feel anything at all. It brings into question if immortality is worth it and if the way things are should remain?

Alice Li Barnes‘ art is really interesting. There’s a manga influence to it with an almost ethereal quality about it. Mainly in black and white, the debut issue uses color very sparingly to emphasize certain aspects of the storytelling. There’s some fantastic page layouts in the issue changing things up from the standard squares and rectangles. Instead we get the flow of a cloak running through the panels of a page, lots of angles on panels to dramatize the moment, and overall a visually interesting layout to pages. There’s a lot packed in at times but it works.

The Eighth Immortal #1 is a pretty interesting debut comic. It’s focus on drama is a a bit unexpected as well as the comic’s clear manga influences. It’s one I want to see where it goes and what it can deliver from it’s initial groundwork here.

Story: Jake Murray Art: Alice Li Barnes Letterer: Letter Squids
Story: 7.5 Art: 7.5 Overall: 7.5 Recommendation: Read

Source Point Press provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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