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Kickstarter Spotlight – Golem

Kickstarter, the popular crowd funding site, has become the go to place for comic book creators to launch their latest projects. Some of the founders of the website IGN have turned to it to get the funding for their trade paperback, Golem. The creative team is made up by former IGN Editor-in-Chief Hilary Goldstein, Giovanni P. Timpano provides the art, video game veteran developer Laura Schumacher is the colorist, and Garry Brown is creating covers for all four chapters.

They framed Danya Ben-El’azar for the murder of the President, executed her husband in front of her, and nearly took the life of her son. Big mistake. Exiled from America, Danya and her six-year-old son Jonah have become the international mercenary team known only as Golem. With sword and pistol, mother and son travel the world hunting the people who destroyed their lives.

Golem offers a futuristic twist on the the Jewish legend of a monster formed from clay to protect the innocent and with their pledge supporters gain an exclusive version of the forthcoming trade paperback.

Funding also goes towards the development of a brand-new mobile “Comic Book Director’s Cut” app that will revolutionize the way creators connect with readers. This app will be made available for use by independent comics creators following the launch of GOLEM.

Details on the project can be found at: golemcomic.com. Backer incentives include a personal sketch from Timpano, private editing session with Goldstein, the opportunity to have a character named after you, and the chance to be killed in Golem by comics’ newest femme fatale, Danya Ben-El’azar.

GOLEM hits shelves next summer, but Kickstarter backers get an exclusive version of the TPB in April 2013.