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Warner Bros. To Donate To Colorado Victims

Dark Knight Rises Teaser PosterWarner Bros. has announced they’ll be making donations to charities supporting victims of the Aurora, Colorado tragedy. As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, the studio behind The Dark Knight Rises has contacted Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper‘s office. They’ll be donating to a fund identified by the Governor on the website givingfirst.org, which is a program of Colorado’s Community First Foundation.

The fund distributes funds across charities that will support victims of the shooting. The studio won’t release the amount, only calling it “substantial.”

Warner Bros. CEO Barry Meyer sent an email to employees letting them know about the donation and how they could personally donate too.

I have to throw props to Warner Bros. who acted quickly post tragedy, pulling advertisements, cancelling the Paris premiere and declining to release the box office results out of respect. They’ve shown a sensitivity you rarely see from corporations, for that they should be commended.