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Kate Spencer’s Co-Creator Marc Andreyko Takes Her on a Quest to See How Deep Leviathan Goes

Manhunters: The Secret History #1, written by Marc Andreyko with art and cover by Renato Guedes, with a variant cover by Jae Lee, hits stores May 13, 2020!

After the revelation of Leviathan’s true identity in the pages of Event Leviathan, Kate Spencer—an earlier Manhunter—must go on a quest to uncover just how deep Leviathan’s plans go. What Kate didn’t expect is a conspiracy that goes back to the very beginnings of DC history!

Unearthing the past to save the future, this is Manhunters: The Secret History! Eisner Award-winning writer Marc Andreyko returns to his classic crime-fighter, Kate Spencer, in this hard-hitting miniseries that will reverberate across the DC Universe!

Stay tuned for more details and a first look into DC’s new five-issue mini-series Manhunters: The Secret History in the coming months!

Manhunters: The Secret History #1
Manhunters: The Secret History #1