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Moana Repeats in First Place During a Slow Movie Weekend

moana-posterIt was a slow post-Thanksgiving weekend and Moana repeated in first place without much as far as new competition. The film earned $28.4 million in its second week. So far the film has grossed $119.9 million domestically after two weeks and $177.4 million worldwide.

In second place was Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them which was second place again. The film added $18.6 million to its domestic total which is at $183.5 million. Worldwide the film is at $607.9 million and with a $180 million budget, that’s pretty solid. Still, it lags far behind other Harry Potter films and has a way to go even without adjusting those films for inflation.

To round out the top five, Arrival improved over last week moving from fifth to third and adding $7.3 million to its domestic total. The film added a bunch of theaters which helps explain the improvement. That and positive word of mouth is helping drive the film. Allied remained in fourth with $7.1 million. The film is a slow burn and its doubtful it’ll make back its $85 million budget. Finally, Doctor Strange caps it off with $6.5 million and dropping from third to fifth. The film sits at $215.3 million domestically and $634.9 million worldwide. We’ll have more in an hour going over the film and other comic films of the year.

There was much as far as new films. Incarnate opened in ninth with just $2.7 million. Believe was #17 with $602,519, Jackie opened in five theaters and earned $275,000, the best per theater average, and finally Things to Come was #33 with $33,090 from 3 theaters.

This coming weekend sees Office Christmas Party, Miss Sloane, and La La Land open.