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iHip Marvel Headphones – Tinny as Iron Man

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Marvel Captain America HeadphonesI went on a bit of a kick picking up some headphones this weekend with Marvel branding from iHip.  The headphones look pretty cool and there’s two types, one with Captain America and the other with Iron Man.  For $10, I said why not, I can show off my geek cred as I listen to music and read comics on my iPad.  And the packaging sucked me in with a great cover to a Captain America comic.  Boy, what a waste of $10.

These headphones have to be some of the worst I’ve ever listened to music with.  It was as if the music was being piped through a tin can.  It was distant, missing the surround sound excellence I expect from an Apple product.  The packaging says “noise isolating,” I just didn’t think it was the music I was trying to listen to.  It also says “engineered for quality listening,” this is clearly a lie.  “Engineered for a lacking musical experience” is more like it.

Marvel should be embarrassed they’ve put their name and brand on such a piece of shit product.  I’m angry at myself for dropping $10 on it and being sucked in by cool packaging.

Do yourself a favor and avoid these at all cost.Marvel Captain America Headphones BackMarvel Captain America Headphones Back Close UpMarvel Captain America Headphones Front Close Up