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Welcome a New Generation of Heroes with SlickforceGirl, Portions Benefiting iGoPink

Internationally recognized photographer Nick Saglimbeni launches his heavily-veiled SlickforceGirl project this week. Nearly two years in the making, SlickforceGirl combines Saglimbeni’s brand of glossy, colorful photography with dazzling comic-book-inspired visual effects to introduce a new generation of empowered female heroes fighting to help those in need. To assemble the heroic team, Saglimbeni cast a diverse group of models and actresses from around the globe.

Saglimbeni posted on his blog:

I wanted to showcase a different kind of female hero, and have many ethnicities and backgrounds represented. These ladies may be beautiful, but they use their intelligence and intuition to solve problems, and they are constantly drawing courage from inside.

In step with projects Saglimbeni has created in the past, he is donating a portion of proceeds from the sale of SlickforceGirl artwork to selected women’s charities. This year, he’s chosen Breast Cancer Charities of America’s iGoPink campaign, a cause whose aim is to educate the public about non-traditional breast cancer prevention and treatment options.

“Having worked with so many wonderful women both in front of and behind my camera, I felt that this was a creative way to give back, while drawing attention to worthy causes that help women,” said Saglimbeni. “I’ve photographed several campaigns for BCCA, and I really like their approach to dealing with such a sensitive yet important issue.”

Erica Tullis, Executive Director for iGoPink, stated:

Nick has the ability to bring raw emotion to his artwork, and we are thrilled that he has chosen to shine a light on the fight against breast cancer through his SlickforceGirl project.

Saglimbeni released the first images this week—including fine art poster prints, stickers, and iPhone cases—and he stated on his NickSaglimbeni.com blog that new limited edition collector’s artwork will be released over the coming weeks and months. You can also find out more at SlickforceGirl.com.