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Preview: Heroes of Skyrealm #1

Heroes of Skyrealm #1

(DIGITAL COMIC ONLY – Available at Dynamite Digital, Google Play, MadeFire, Dark Horse Digital, iTunes, and Kindle.)
writer: Edwin McRae, Ian Morgenheim, Rik Hoskins
artist: Ilaria Gelli
$0.99 • Teen+

Welcome to Skyrealm–where a thousand different cultures meet and all things are possible.  Darius is a magic invoker of questionable prowess who’s A1:T13 of a trading party from the distant Unbroken Empire.  But when the Unbroken transport is blasted out of the sky by pirates, Darius and his single surviving shipmate, Captain Krieger, find themselves up to their necks in trouble.  Can they stay alive long enough to become the Heroes of Skyrealm?  Discover a world of adventure that goes even further in Heroes of Skyrealm, mobile coming soon from Mechanist Games for iOS and Android!