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The greatest battles in Iron Man’s 60 year history away in I Am Iron Man

Honoring the character’s 60th anniversary, a new Iron Man series will allow longtime readers and new fans alike to witness Tony Stark at his very best in glorious exploits set throughout his incredible heroic career!

I Am Iron Man is pure Golden Avenger action brought to you by writer Murewa Ayodele and artist Dotun Akande. This dynamic pair of rising stars have already showcased their talents in Moon Knight: Black, White & Blood #1, the Avengers Unlimited Infinity Comic, and will soon again in tomorrow’s Iron Man #25. Now, they’ll help Marvel Comics celebrate one of its premier super heroes with this glorious collection of missions from every major Iron Man era! There is no better way to mark Iron Man’s milestone than seeing him fight his way through intense showdowns as the Earth’s mightiest hero that fans adore! Kaiju battles under the sea, alien invasions in the desert, a rescue mission in outer space, and more are to be expected in this incredible new series.

Beneath the red and gold armor is a hopeless romantic, a genius inventor, a war hero, a billionaire, an Avenger, and a person, TONY STARK. Journey through the rich history of Iron Man – telling stories never seen before that are set in iconic eras of ol’ Shellhead – starting with the Silver Age and continuing through the classic eras of Archie Goodwin, the 90s, today, and beyond!

Armor up and blast off through some of Iron Man’s greatest triumphs and most breathtaking battles when I Am Iron Man hits stands in March!

I Am Iron Man #1