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Twitter Tuesday

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On Twitter Tuesday we bring some of the more politically focused Twitter posts from around the comic book industry to show off these folks care about more things than just spandex and big guns.


Twitter Tuesday

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Think those in the comic industry just chat about tights and superheroes on Twitter all day?  Check out their ruminations on politics, culture and more.

Tuesday Twitter Fun – Reid and Nixon

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It’s a mixed bag of comments this week in our Tuesday Twitter Fun.

Writer Joe Harris offers some encouragement to Senator Harry Reid.  You can follow him at http://twitter.com/joeharris.

Joe Harris

Writer Matt Fraction shows how he spends his time listening to tapes of former President Richard Nixon.  You can follow him at http://twitter.com/mattfraction.

Matt FractionMatt Fraction

And writer Rick Remender lets Fraction know his thoughts on Nixon.  You can follow him at http://twitter.com/Remender.

Rick Remender

Tuesday Twitter Fun – Reid, McCain, Palin and More

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Welcome to our first entry in our regular Twitter Tuesday Fun where we’ll highlight politically charged tweets from those in the comic industry.  Our first entry comes from Erik Larsen who’s a regular when it comes to politics and Twitter.  The writer of such well known series as Savage Dragon wears his politics on his sleeve for the world to see.

The background of this tweet is Senator Richard Shelby putting numerous holds on appointments by President Obama.  These holds are similar to filibusters but more informal and Senator Reid (who is the Majority Leader) can choose to ignore them and force a formal filibuster.

The rumor is Sen. Shelby will lift the holds if he gets billions of dollars for his state of Alabama (yes folks this is how our government works).

Larsen tweeted a petition action using the Credo Mobile platform to implore Sen. Reid to ignore the holds and extortion by Shelby and force Shelby to actually filibuster each nominee (70 at the moment) which involves standing on the Senate floor and talking pretty much non-stop (you can’t even leave the floor to use the bathroom).

Erik Larsen Harry Reid Tweet

You can follow Erik Larsen on Twitter at http://twitter.com/ErikJLarsen.

Eric Tautmann, a writer on various series, decided to chime in on Senator McCain’s hypocrisy on “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.”  He followed up a link about the contradiction with some colorful language after.  Also, you’ll notice that he’s changed his location to Tehran, Iran.  This was a popular idea to confuse censors in Iran and flood the amount of information they’d have to look at during the recent political protests that have occurred there.

Eric Tautmann McCain tweet

You can follow Eric Tautmann at http://twitter.com/mercuryeric.

Len Wallace wrote our favorite graphic novel of 2009, Love Buzz.  He decided to comment on the coverage of Sarah Palin speaking at the teabagger, I mean Tea Party, convention on Saturday.

Len Wallace Palin tweetYou can follow Len Wallace at http://twitter.com/LenNWallace.