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Valiant Announces a New Groupees Bundle!

Valiant Entertainment has partnered with Groupees to announce a brand-new Shadowman inspired bundle with a portion of the proceeds going directly to benefit The Hero Initiative.

Valiant has launched a brand-new Groupees Shadowman build-a-bundle featuring an assortment of exciting opportunities to score great deals on comics, win exclusive prizes and help give back to The Hero Initiative. The Hero Initiative is a nonprofit group which creates a financial safety net for comic creators who may need emergency medical aid, financial support for essentials of life, and an avenue back into paying work. The Groupees Shadowman bundle is live HERE for 3 weeks now through October 12th

With this special Groupees Shadowman bundle, fans will be able to build their own unique bundle from a list of over twenty of their favorite Valiant digital comics .

The more titles you add to your bundle the greater the discount!

Anyone who purchases a bundle will instantly receive access to a discount code giving 25% off their next purchase at the all new and improved Valiant Store featuring new Shadowman merch like a replica necklace torn from the pages of the comic. Fans who spend over $40 on their Groupees bundle will be given a special grab bag to get $100 worth of assorted Valiant merchandise including pins, t-shirts, hats, mugs and more. 

The first 25 contributors who spend over $200 will receive a special limited edition of the Shadowman Classic Omnibus Vol. 1 Hardcover with a sketched bookplate from series artist Bob Hall!

There will also be tiered rewards for the TOP 5 contributors to the Groupees Shadowman bundle as well. Top contributor prizes include limited edition, out of print, and unique one-of-a-kind exclusive incentives that are sure to excite both new and longtime fans alike such as a print copy of the classic Shadowman #1 from 1992, a limited edition Shadowman print by Tony Moore signed by Shadowman series writer Cullen Bunn, a copy of Shadowman (2021) #1 Black Glass variant signed by Cullen Bunn and even an original commissioned Shadowman sketch from Shadowman artist Stephen Segovia.

Show your support for the Hero Initiative and buy a digital build-a-bundle from a selection of the complete library of SHADOWMAN trades HERE including nearly every crossover appearance beginning now through October 12th. With access to special discounts at the Valiant Store plus an array of limited edition, out of print, and unique one of a kind prizes for the TOP 5 contributors, this is one bundle fans won’t want to miss. 

Get Your Aspen Groupees Bundle Featuring Over $325 in Comics!

Aspen Comics has released their second digital bundle on the Groupees platform with “The Aspen Creations Bundles”. On the Groupees website, Aspen fans can select from three tiers of separately priced bundles featuring Aspen Comics titles for a limited time of 14 days, highlighted by the debut of a new Aspen 11×17” Soulfire holofoil print featuring cover art by legendary artist Jim Lee with colors by superstar Peter Steigerwald, limited to 50 editions.

Aspen recently completed their hugely successful Michael Turner Creations Kickstarter campaign, and the publisher is looking to offer fans an affordable way to expand their digital collection of Aspen Comics titles. The “Aspen Creations Bundles” will include Aspen’s popular best-selling titles such as Aspen VisionsJirniCharismagicPortalBound and more titles for over $325 in value.

In addition to the Jim Lee exclusive Soulfire holofoil print, the top ten contributors on the Groupees bundle page will receive special Aspen physical reward items including a complete set of Aspen’s sold out Comic-Con International: San Diego, New York Comic-Con and past Groupees exclusive prints, a Michael Turner-signed Fathom “Black Armor” mini-bust and Aspen Mystery Packs. Full details on the campaign page.

Jim Lee Soulfire Print

Top Cow’s Groupees bundle aims to help First Responders

Top Cow Groupees

Top Cow Productions and Groupees are back in action with another pay what you can digital comics bundle sale. This time readers can pick and choose which Top Cow Universe series they want to download while having the option to donate 10% of their payment to Thrive Global: First Responders First

Here are all 45 single issues and collected editions available: 

  • The 13th Artifact One Shot
  • Aphrodite IX Vol. 1
  • Ares: Darkness
  • Artifacts Vol. 1
  • Artifacts Vol. 2
  • Artifacts Vol. 3
  • Artifacts Vol. 4
  • Artifacts Vol. 5
  • Artifacts Vol. 6
  • Artifacts #30
  • Artifacts #31
  • Artifacts #32
  • Artifacts #33
  • Artifacts #34
  • Artifacts #35
  • Artifacts #36
  • Artifacts #37
  • Artifacts #38
  • Artifacts #39
  • Artifacts #40
  • Artifacts Lost tales
  • Artifacts Origins First Born
  • Angelus Vol. 1
  • Darkness Origins Vol. 1
  • Darkness Origins Vol. 2
  • Darkness Hope One Shot
  • La Voz De MAYO Tata Rambo
  • Tom Judge: The Rapture
  • Magdalena Origins Vol. 1
  • Magdalena Reformation
  • Necromancer
  • Witchblade Origins Vol. 1
  • Witchblade Origins Vol. 2
  • Witchblade Rebirth Vol. 1
  • Witchblade Rebirth Vol. 2
  • Witchblade Rebirth Vol. 3
  • Witchblade Rebirth Vol. 4
  • Witchblade 2017 Vol. 1
  • Witchblade 2017 Vol. 2

The Top Cow Groupees comics bundle will end at 9 A.M. (PST) Tuesday, May 12th.

Humanoids Announce a Groupees Digital Comics Bundle to Benefit the Hero Initiative

Humanoids Groupees

Humanoids is partnering with Groupees to offer fans a limited-time digital comics bundle featuring the company’s iconic and groundbreaking science fiction and fantasy graphic novels. The bundle is available for 15 days, beginning May 5, 2020, and offers three tiers of titles, including The Incal by Alejandro Jodorowsky and Mœbius, Metabarons by writer Jodorowsky and Juan Gimenez, Barbarella by Jean-Claude Forest, adapted by bestselling writer KellySue DeConnick, and I Am Legion by Fabien Nury and John Cassaday. Humanoids first ever digital comic bundle will raise money for the Hero Initiative.

You can donate now to get comics and help the Hero Initiative.

Tier 1 offers the following titles for $2.00:

  • CARTHAGO Volumes 1-3 
  • EXO Volume 1
  • I AM LEGION Volume 1
  • IGNITED issue 1 
  • LOVING DEAD Volumes 1-3
  • METAL HURLANT Volumes 1-3
  • OMNI issue 1 
  • STRANGELANDS issue 1

Tier 2 offers the following titles for $8.00:

  • I AM LEGION Volume 2 and 3
  • THE INCAL Volumes 1 – 3
  • IGNITED issue 2 
  • MARILYN’S MONSTERS Graphic novel
  • THE METABARONS Volumes 1-4
  • METAL HURLANT 2 Volumes 1-3
  • OLYMPUS Volumes 1 and 2 Geoff Johns
  • OMNI issue 2 
  • STRANGELANDS issue 2

Tier 3 offers the following titles for $15.00:

  • BARBARELLA Volumes 1 and 2
  • BEFORE THE INCAL Volume 1-6 
  • THE BIG COUNTRY graphic novel
  • THE EYES OF THE CAT graphic novel
  • IGNITED issues 3 and 4
  • THE INCAL Volumes 4-6
  • THE METABARONS Volumes 5-8
  • OMNI issues 3 and 4
  • STRANGELANDS issues 3 and 4
  • WEAPONS OF THE METABARON graphic novel

In addition, the more money that is raised, the more comics that are unlocked.

Dynamite and Groupees Launch Greatest Hits Bundle Supporting Coronavirus Relief

Stock up on #ComicsAndQuarantine reading and support charity in this important moment with the Dynamite and Groupees Greatest Hits Bundle“. The limited-time bundle offer’s proceeds benefit Direct Relief with coronavirus efforts.

Fans can pick from among five tiers to customize the bundle to their exact desires and budget – even starting at a completely free option. At the top level, one can get 91% off the standard price of a huge haul of digital comics and graphic novels. Comics featuring the most popular Dynamite characters are written and drawn by some of the best creators in comics, including Mike Carey, Garth Ennis, Kevin Smith, Gail Simone, Tim Seeley, Mirka Andolfo, Vita Ayala, Peter David, Kurt Busiek, Greg Pak, Joseph Michael Linsner and many more!

A portion of the proceeds of this promotion will go to Direct Relief. The nonprofit organization has the mission of improving the conditions of those living affected by poverty or emergencies by coordinating medical resources. They have been one of the flagbearers in the support during the coronavirus pandemic.

Check out the bundle options below:


Army of Darkness Movie Adaptation
Project Superpowers #1
Red Sonja (2005) #0 – 1
Vampirella (2010) #1
Warlord of Mars: Dejah Thoris #1

That’s a value of $10 for a cost of… nothing! To get some of Dynamite’s all-time greats and the first outings under the banner for the three core Women of Dynamite.

$2 Tier

Battlestar Galactica vs. Battlestar Galactica #1 – 2
The Bionic Man #1 – 2
Chaos! #1 – 2
Kirby Genesis #0 – 2
Lone Ranger (2006) #1 – 2
Turok the Dinosaur Hunter #1

For half the cost of a new comic, stack up your haul with the start to several acclaimed series. From one of the most celebrated western comics of all time, to the horror hellscapes of Chaos!, to a celebration of the greatest comic creator of all time.

$5 Tier

Bettie Page (2018) #1 – 2
Bob’s Burgers #1 – 2
Elvira: The Shape of Elvira #1 – 2
Gold Key: Alliance #1 – 2
Kevin Smith’s Green Hornet #1 – 2
KISS / Army of Darkness # 1- 2
Red Sonja / Tarzan #1 – 2

This tier has lots of laughs and action to go around! The Bob’s Burgers comics are put together by the same folks who work on the show and are guaranteed ten chuckles per page. Or try out the clever adventures of Bettie Page in England with the Queen herself. And the team-up of Turok, Solar, Magnus, Samson and more!

$10 Tier

Death to the Army of Darkness #1
James Bond (2019) #1
Vampirella: Roses for the Dead #1 – 2
The Shadow Volume 1: Fire of Creation
The Art of Atari

In this tier, we have two of our latest debut series that are still running. Death to the Army of Darkness is a rollicking time from Power Rangers scribe Ryan Parrott and 007’s latest mission sees him in the midst of the unfamiliar world of art forgery. While we top things off with Garth Ennis’s revered take on The Shadow, one of the progenitors of the superhero genre. And a deep dive into the history and artwork of Atari.

$15 Tier

The Boys Omnibus Volume 1
Swords of Sorrow Complete Saga

For a little extra at the tippy-top tier, you add on a huge chunk of The Boys before Season 2 debuts later this year. Plus the 500+ crossover involving all the Women of Dynamite, written by Gail Simone and a cast of top women writers. 

That’s a grand total regular value of over $150, making it over 91% off!

Check out the Bundle Sale here

Dynamite Offers Final Groupees Build-a-Bundle for the Year!

Bob's Burgers #1

Just in time for the season! Celebrate the holidays with Dynamite and an unbeatable deal on comics and goodies, only from Groupees. Don’t miss out on this FINAL Dynamite Groupees Bundle of the year!

Build your own custom bundle by picking and choosing from over 100 discounted comics. Scale your bundle exactly how you want to fit your budget. Or go all in and save a ridiculous 92%! Stack up your haul of over 2,300 pages of quality comics!

The deals only get better from there too… Comics available from this bundle are written and drawn by fan favorite, top tier creators. Writers include Gail Simone, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Marjorie Liu, Bill Willingham, Nancy Collins, Amy Chu, Arvid Nelson, plus other greats! Some of the best artists in the industry are included like Alex Ross, Nicola Scott, Tula Lotay, Phil Noto, Kewber Baal, Daniel HDR, Mel Rubi, and so many more!

Do not skip past the physical tiers, where the deals might knock you out. For $25 fans can get a triple pack of paperbacks and by only doubling that they increase their graphic novel haul by 10 books! Plus digital versions of all of your physical tier grabs! For those looking to really treat themselves this holiday, check out the giant deluxe Art Editions featuring the timeless original art of José González and Frank Thorne. At prices that seem almost criminal! Plus of course all of the above included!

The Groupees Holiday Build-a-Bundle promotion can be found here – Dynamite Holiday Build-A-Bundle This unique bundle sale is only available for a limited time, so act now! Check out the bundle options below. 

Digital Tier

Black Terror #1-4 – 50 cents each
Bettie Page #1-8 – $1.00 each
Bob’s Burgers #1-8 – $1.00 each
Brickleberry #1-4 – 50 cents each
Chaos Holiday Special – $1.50
Hack Slash vs Vampirella #1-5 – $1.00 each
Jim Butcher Dresden Files Welcome to the Jungle #1-4 – $1.00 each
KISS Forever Special – $1.50
KISS #1-5 – $1.00 each
Legends of Red Sonja #1-5 – $1.00 each
Lone Ranger (2018) #1 – $1.00
Mars Attacks #1 – $1.00
Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys #1-6 – $1.00 each
Peter Cannon Thunderbolt #1-10 – 50 cents each
Project Superpowers #1 – $1.00
Queen Sonja #1-10 – $1.00 each
Rainbow Brite #1 – $1.00
Red Sonja 1973 – $1.50
Shadow/Batman #1-6 – $1.00 each
The Black Bat #1-6 – 50 cents each
The Greatest Adventure #1-9 – $1.00 each
Warlord of Mars Dejah Thoris #1-15 – $1.00 each

Altogether 115 total comics valued over $225 for over 2,300 pages!
Buy all of them together for just $19.99!
A whopping 91% off and 80% off the Build-a-Bundle total!

Physical Tiers

$25 Tier:
A Stocking Stuffer of 3 Random paperback graphic novels with a total value of at least $50. 50% off!
The perfect holiday gift for yourself or a loved one!
Your running total would otherwise be nearly $300!

$50 Tier:
A “Blind Package” of 10 additional randomly chosen collections valued at approximately $200
PLUS digital copies of all your graphic novels!
Normally you would be paying $500 dollars for all of these goodies!
At this tier you’re looking at over 3,500 pages of comic books, without even counting your bonus digital copies!

$75 Tier:
Vampirella by José González Art Edition
An additional $150 Value for ONLY an additional $25!!! 
Now we’re up to $650 worth of fantastic comics and deluxe items, for a minuscule price!

$200 Tier:
All of the above PLUS the complete Red Sonja by Frank Thorne Art Edition Volumes 1 through 3!
An additional $450 Value for ONLY an additional $125!!!!!
Everything in this bundle all adds up to well OVER $1,000 dollars, and this holiday season it can be yours for WAY less!
OVER 4,000 pages of comic books, plus digital copies of your physical books! 
Your challenge is to read it all before next year!

Check out the Bundle Sale here

Dynamite Offers a Groupees Fall Horror Bundle

Dynamite is partnering with Groupees to offer a curated selection of digital comics as well as physical goodies for great low prices to slip in your treat bag. Fans can choose from several tiers to fit their budget and desires – including FREE comics! 

The eight tiers range between free and $20 for digital comics, with savings up to 90% off! For fans who enjoy watching their shelves and stacks of books overflow, deluxe hardcover art books The Art of Army of Darkness and The Art of Troma are being offered. Cult horror film fans and tabletop gamers alike can check out the Reanimator Board Game – and upgrade it with the dual expansion pack at a steal. Each successive tier includes all the items from those before.

This unique bundle sale is only available for a limited time, so act now! 

Digital Tiers

FREE Tier:
Blood Brothers #1
Wolfcop #1
Twilight Zone/The Shadow #1
Preview of Mars Attacks #1
Preview of KISS Blood and Stardust #1

$5 Tier:
Blood Brothers #2 – 4
L.A. Banks Vampire Huntress #1 – 4
Monster War #1 – 4
Twilight Zone/The Shadow #2 – 4
Vampirella (2016) #1 – 3

19 comics at $37.81 value

$10 Tier:
Dark Shadows #1 – 12
Dean Koontz Frankenstein Storm Surge #1 – 6
Great Divide #1 – 6
Patricia Briggs Mercy Thompson Hopcross Jilly #1 – 6
Vampirella (2016) #4 – 6

33 comics at $65.67 value 

$20 Tier:
Army of Darkness/Xena: Forever and a Day #1 – 6
Complete Dracula #1 – 5
Dark Shadows #13 – 23
Grimm #6 – 12
Jim Butcher Dresden Files Ghoul Goblin #1 – 6
KISS The Demon #1 – 4
ZNation #1 – 6

45 comics at $89.55 value

Altogether, 100 comics valued at $199

Physical Tiers

$35 Tier:

The Art of Army of Darkness HC

$60 Tier:

Reanimator Collectible Board Game

$75 (75 available):

Reanimator Game Dual Expansion Pack

$150 tier (50 available):

The Art of Troma Deluxe HC

Dynamite Offers Lone Ranger & Masked Heroes Groupees Bundles

To celebrate the launch of the recent critically acclaimed The Lone Ranger #1 by Mark Russell, Bob Q and Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou, Dynamite is partnering with Groupees to offer a curated selection of discounted digital and physical comics starring Lone Ranger and all their other published masked heroes. The Lone Ranger & Masked Heroes Bundle is designed to allow fans to scale and choose items to fit their budget – even if it’s zero!

The eight tiers range between free and $25 for digital comics, with savings up to 95% off! For fans who enjoy the sweet sensations of collecting printed paper, deluxe versions of Dynamite classics like The Shadow: The Death of Margo Lane and the original Lone Ranger title are available. Fans with taste for high-end collectibles can bundle limited The Shadow issues re-marked by Alex Ross and Jae Lee.

This unique bundle sale is only available for a limited time, so act now!

Digital Tiers

FREE Tier:
Lone Ranger Vol 1 #1
Kato Origins Way of the Ninja #1
The Green Hornet Strikes #1
Preview of the new Lone Ranger #1

$5 Tier:
Kato Origins Way of the Ninja #2-6
Lone Ranger Vol 1 #2-10
The Shadow Now #1-6
20 comics at a $39.80 value

$15 Tier:
Kato Origins Way of the Ninja #7-11
Lone Ranger Vol 1 #11-25
The Shadow Vol 1 #1-15
35 comics at a $69.65 value

$25 Tier:

Green Hornet Strikes #2-10
Lone Ranger Vol 2 #1-25
The Shadow Vol 1 #16-25
The Shadow Vol 2 #0-5
50 comics at $98.50 value

Altogether, 108 comics valued at $ 214.22

Physical Tiers

$50 Tier:
Lone Ranger Definitive Edition HC Vol 1

$100 Tier:
The Shadow: Death of Margo Lane Limited Edition HC

$200 (25 available):
Jae Lee Re-Marked Shadow #1

$500 tier (20 available):
Alex Ross Re-Marked Shadow #1

Valiant and Groupees Announce the Biggest-Ever Valiant Universe Digital Bundle – Available Today!

Valiant Entertainment has announced that it has joined forces with Groupees for the launch of a brand new, DRM-free, pay-what-you-want digital bundle of Valiant comics – the biggest ever offered in Valiant’s history!

Starting today on October 16th, hundreds of Valiant’s critically acclaimed titles – from inspiring creators like Joshua Dysart, Matt KindtPaolo RiveraJody HouserRobert GillRoberto de la Torre, and many more – will be available for purchase on the Groupees website for the next two weeks at pay-what-you-want prices! A portion of the proceeds from all sales will support Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, a non-profit organization that protects the First Amendment rights of the people who make, read, sell, and teach comics.

Customers can pay a minimum of $5 or more to unlock the ORIGINS tier of comics which includes Volume 1 trades of Faith, Bloodshot (2012), Harbinger, Unity, and Shadowman (2012), plus The Valiant and Book of Death!

Paying at the $10 ESSENTIALS tier level will unlock another new crop of critically acclaimed first volumes and single issues, including Harbinger Renegade, X-O Manowar (2017), Wrath of the Eternal Warrior, The Death-Defying Doctor Mirage, Secret Weapons #0, Harbinger Wars 2: Prelude #1, and more – plus everything unlocked in the ORIGINS tier for a combined retail value of $172!

At the next level, customers can unlock the VALIANT tier for a minimum of $20 and obtain entire runs of Faith, Harbinger, Unity, Wrath of the Eternal Warrior, and much more – plus everything from the ORIGINS and ESSENTIALS tier, for a combined value of $526!

And then, for $500 at THE UNIVERSE tier, fans can snag a full set of Valiant’s entire digital comic collection – a $1,812 retail value for just over a third of the cost!

The highest contributor to the Groupees Bundle will receive a free VALIANT VIP PASS to New York Comic Con 2019 – including two NYCC badges, preferred seating at all of Valiant’s panel presentations throughout the weekend, a deluxe tour of Valiant Headquarters, and dinner with members of Valiant’s hardworking and talented staff! (Travel and lodging costs are not included.)

PLUS: As more bundles are sold, the campaign will also feature surprise bonus STRETCH GOALS that unlock even more free content for contributors at every single level!

The Valiant Universe Groupees Bundle will run for two weeks and ends on October 30th!

Dynamite’s Groupees “Dynamite Women” Sale is Over 85 Issues and Trade for Over 90% Off!

Dynamite Entertainment and Groupees are offering a curated selection of digital comics to fans of strong female characters of all ages. The Dynamite Women Build-a-Bundle is designed to fit any budget, granting enthusiasts the freedom to choose individual comics for a super-discounted rate, or collect all 86 digital comics for the low, low price of only $19.99, a savings of over 90%!

With seven tiers to choose from, ranging from free to $19.99 for Digital Comics!  And for the fans who enjoy high end collectibles as well as digital comics, there are thresholds beginning at $39.99 and up to $299.99!

To purchase the individual issues in digital form, Dynamite and Groupees are offering a variety of series at a specially reduced price, so you can mix-and-match to meet your character preference. But remember – the best buy would be to nab the entire lot of digital Dynamite Women comics for the low rate of only $19.99. That’s over 86 comics valued at over $200  – over 2,000 pages of female-fronted action — at a fraction of the price!

FREE Tier: Includes nine comics!

  1. Barbarella #1
  2. Vampirella #1-#3
  3. Red Sonja: She-Devil With A Sword #0
  4. Sheena #0
  5. Vampirella Magazine #1- #3

$1.99 Tier: Includes an 16 additional comics at an approximate $30.67 value, for a savings of 93%.

  1. Blood Queen vs Dracula #1
  2. Blood Queen vs Dracula #2
  3. Blood Queen vs Dracula #3
  4. Blood Queen vs Dracula #4
  5. Eva Daughter of the Dragon One-Shot
  6. Lady Rawhide #1
  7. Lady Rawhide #2
  8. Lady Rawhide #3
  9. Lady Rawhide #4
  10. Lady Rawhide #5
  11. Pantha #1
  12. Pantha #2
  13. Pantha #3
  14. Vampirella # 4
  15. Vampirella #5
  16. Barbarella #2

$9.99 Tier: Includes an additional 26 issues and 1 collection at an approximate $62.73 value, a savings of 84%!

  1. Betty Boop #1
  2. Betty Boop #2
  3. Betty Boop #3
  4. Betty Boop #4
  5. Charmed #1
  6. Charmed #2
  7. Charmed #3
  8. Charmed #4
  9. Charmed #5
  10. Green Hornet #1 (2018)
  11. Miss Fury Vol 2 #1
  12. Miss Fury Vol 2 #2
  13. Miss Fury Vol 2 #3
  14. Miss Fury Vol 2 #4
  15. Miss Fury Vol 2 #5
  16. Red Sonja She Devil with a Sword #1
  17. Red Sonja She Devil with a Sword #2
  18. Red Sonja She Devil with a Sword #3
  19. Red Sonja She Devil with a Sword #4
  20. Red Sonja She Devil with a Sword #5
  21. Red Sonja She Devil with a Sword #6
  22. Warlord of Mars Dejah Thoris #6
  23. Warlord of Mars Dejah Thoris #7
  24. Warlord of Mars Dejah Thoris #8
  25. Warlord of Mars Dejah Thoris #9
  26. Warlord of Mars Dejah Thoris #10
  27. Dawn/Vampirella collection

$19.99 Tier: Includes an additional 35 issues and 2 collections at an approximate value of $109.63, for a savings of 81%. (Discount for all 86 issues and 3 collections is 90%, based on a total value of of $203.03.)

  1. Bettie Page #1
  2. Bettie Page #2
  3. Bettie Page #3
  4. Bettie Page #4
  5. The Bionic Woman #1
  6. The Bionic Woman #2
  7. The Bionic Woman #3
  8. The Bionic Woman #4
  9. The Bionic Woman #5
  10. Dejah Thoris and The Green Men of Mars Vol 1
  11. Elvira Mistress of the Dark #1
  12. Garth Ennis’ The Ninjettes #1
  13. Garth Ennis’ The Ninjettes #2
  14. Garth Ennis’ The NInjettes #3
  15. Grimm Vol. 2 #1
  16. Grimm Vol. 2 #2
  17. Grimm Vol. 2 #3
  18. Grimm Vol. 2 #4
  19. Grimm Vol. 2 #5
  20. Patricia Briggs Alpha and Omega #1
  21. Patricia Briggs Alpha and Omega #2
  22. Patricia Briggs Alpha and Omega #3
  23. Patricia Briggs Alpha and Omega #4
  24. Patricia Briggs Alpha and Omega #5
  25. Patricia Briggs Alpha and Omega #6
  26. Patricia Briggs Alpha and Omega #7
  27. Patricia Briggs Alpha and Omega #8
  28. Red Sonja The Falcon Throne Collection
  29. Sheena #1
  30. Sheena #2
  31. Sheena #3
  32. Sheena #4
  33. Sheena #5
  34. Vampirella Magazine #5
  35. Vampirella Magazine #6
  36. Vampirella Magazine #7
  37. Vampirella Magazine #8

Physical Tiers:

$39.99 (no limit): Includes includes all items above, plus:

●      Art of Atari HC (Dynamite women love video games!)

$99.99 (Only 37 available of this incredible item!): Includes all items above, plus:

●      Elvira #1 photo cover Signed by Elvira!

$299.99 (10 available): Includes all items above, plus:

●      Women of Dynamite: Dejah Thoris Campbell Black & White Statue.

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