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World Comics India and Grassroot Comics

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Sharad Sharma and World Comics India is a grassroots comics movement in India.  The concept allows common people great comic books to “express their own self.”  According to Sharma:

This has served as one of the most popular communication tool in peoples’ movement.

The workshops involves a trainer teaching people basic techniques in creating comic books.  The success of the grassroots comic movement in India is thought to herald from the wealth of story telling in Indian culture.  Unicef has used the technique there.

The project works by pasting comics up in all possible locations like villages, meeting places, bus stops, shops, offices, schools, on notice-boards and electricity poles or even on trees, creating an awesome string between the creator and his reader.

Replicated in South Asian, African and Latin America countries, the Middle East and Europe, grassroots comics originated in India in the 1990s.  The credit goes to a group of like-minded cartoonists, development journalists and activists who aimed to use their skill for betterment of the society.