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Deadpool Makes it On To Charlotte’s Black Lives Matter Street Art

In numerous cities, “Black Lives Matter” is being painted on streets in massive letters showing their support for the cause. Some cities are taking it further allowing artists to allow their creativity flow in a letter. That’s resulted in some really interesting results. In Charlotte, North Carolina, Marvel‘s Deadpool made it into the “K” courtesy of artist Garrison Gist.

The art was done as a metaphor for the generation currently fighting injustice. Gist, the artist behind the letter, felt the character goes against the norms and embodies the spirit of those seeking justice and change. The choice was also made because Deadpool is pansexual and it is Pride month making the decision even clearer. You can hear it from Garrison below.

The art for the full statement was done by a collective of artists in the city with beautiful results which you can see below: