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Heavy Metal Announces a New Creator-Owned Imprint, Virus

We can debate the name of the new line of comics but Heavy Metal is diving into the world of creator-owned comics with a new imprint, Virus.

The first comics from the new venture launch April 29 with eight stories and new titles will arrive every Wednesday going forward.

Virus will feature comics from Ron Marz, Bob Fingerman, and many more. Four titles launching next week are The Red (by Rosenblum, Medney, Bownz, Hander, and Lam)Nomobots (by Agrimbau and Tumburus)Hymn of the Teada (by Medney, Rosenblum, Mechler, Fung, Pinchuk, and Bownz), and Garbage Factory (by Jakofire and Kim).

Heavy Metal is also positioning the imprint as unique and “revolutionary” as the compensation offered to creators is 15% of the sticker price, “whether they sell one book or 10,000.” ComiXology submit offers 50% of the net sale of a title (after they pay their mobile distributors their standard fees).  If your title is sold through the comiXology website, you will receive 50% of the gross sale after credit card fees are taken out (credit card processing fees range from 1.5% to 2.9% for swiped credit cards). In the announcement they hinted they are looking to host comics from other publishers building a new digital platform.

Check out covers for those below.

Also released was artwork from Bob Fingerman’s upcoming Dotty’s Inferno.

(via SyFy)