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Around the Tubes

It was new comic book day yesterday! What’d everyone get at their store? If you haven’t gone, what are you planning on getting?

Around the Tubes

ICv2 – Soda Pop Minis and CoolMiniOrNot End Publishing Deal – Interesting….

CBR – “Amazing Spider-Man 2” Sets Up Sinister Six, Says Sony Exec – Not sure what I think about the SPOILER

Bleeding Cool – DC Comics To Survey Its Freelancers About Their Concerns – Hopefully it goes better than their other surveys.

CBR – “Sons of Anarchy” EP Joins “Walking Dead” Spinoff – Hmmm.

ICv2 – Over 1300 at GAMA Trade Show – Very cool.

Around the Tubes Reviews

Comic Vine – All-New Ghost Rider #1

Comic Vine – All-New X-Factor #5

Comic Vine – All-Star Western #29

The Fandom Post – Buffy Season 8 Library Edition Vol. 3

Comic Vine – The Bunker #2

Comic Vine – Dead Body Road #4

Comic Vine – Deadpool #26

Comic Vine – Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion #6

Comic Vine – Guardians of the Galaxy #13

Comic Vine – Iron Patriot #1

Talking Comics – Iron Patriot #1

Comic Vine – Larfleeze #9

Comic Vine – Origin II #4

Comic Vine – Red Lanterns #29

Comic Vine – The Sandman: Overture #2

Comic Vine – Silver Surfer #1

Comic Vine – Superior Spider-Man #30

Comic Vine – Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #11

Comic Vine – Survive #1

Comic Vine – Uncanny Avengers #18

Comic Vine – The Wake #7

Around the Tubes

The weekend is here and I’ll be spending it watching Doctor Who! What about you all?

Around the Tubes

Comic Legends Revealed – Mort Weisinger alluded to the alleged John F. Kennedy/Marilyn Monroe affair in a Superboy comic book story. – Interesting.

CBR – Affleck & Damon Producing Adaptation of Brubaker & Phillips’ “Sleeper” – Nice!

Variety – Warner Bros. Wins Final Element of ‘Superman’ Copyright Case – Hrm.

Around the Tubes Reviews

Talking Comics – Batwoman #25

Seattle Pi – Boxers & Saints

Talking Comics – Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion #2

CBR – Legenderry: A Steampunk Adventure #1

CBR – The Wake #5

Talking Comics – The Wake #5

Around the Tubes

The weekend is almost here. What’s everyone doing?

Around the Tubes

CBR – Sony Plans To Access “Full World” of Spider-Man Characters for Film – This surprise anyone?


Around the Tubes Reviews

CBR – Afterlife With Archie #2

Comic Vine – Animal Man #25

Talking Comics – Animal Man #25

Comic Vine – Avengers A.I. #6

Comic Vine – Daredevil #33

Comic Vine – Eternal Warrior #3

Comic Vine – Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion #2

CBR – Harley Quinn #0

Talking Comics – Harley Quinn #0

Comic Vine – Red Hood and the Outlaws #25

Comic Vine – Red Sonja #5

Comic Vine – Sex Criminals #3

Comic Vine – The Wake #5

Talking Comics – Wonder Woman #25

Comic Vine – Wonder Woman #25

Talking Comics – Young Avengers #12

Pick(s) of the Week: Letter 44 #1 and so many more!

letter 44 coverAt San Diego Comic-Con I picked up the early black and white limited edition copy of Charles Soule‘s new series Letter 44 from Oni Press, and it’s as amazing as it sounds.

Letter 44 is a new sci-fi series that asks ‘How would people act when faced with a true threat?’ It begins with the newly inaugurated President Blades sitting down in the Oval Office, reading the letter left to him by the outgoing president. That letter is simply addressed to ’44’.

The contents of that letter? Seven years ago NASA discovered some sort of construction project out in the asteroid belt. No one on Earth knows what it is, and the outgoing President sent astronauts up there to investigate. As the story opens, they’re about 6 months away and about 150 million miles from Earth. As the group of intrepid astronauts venture forth to greet an extraterrestrial force, we are left to wonder if they’re friend or foe?

Soule nails the first issue and is backed up with solid art by Alberto Jiménez Alburquerque. This is going to be a huge comic, so do yourself a favor and get to your shop and reserve yourself a copy.

Check out below for the rest of the picks.

Top Pick: Letter 44 #1 (Oni Press) – see above.

Buzzkill #2 (Dark Horse) – I didn’t know what to expect out of the first issue, but holy crap was it good. The publisher is appropriate because this is a dark horse comic of the year.

Forever Evil: Rogue’s Rebellion #1 (DC Comics) – I’ve been digging DC’s event which really pits old vs. new villains and their version of ethics. I think we’ll see that spelled out much more in this off-shoot which features the Flash’s villains, the Rogues!

Imagine Agents #1 (BOOM! Studios) – A new all-ages comic from BOOM! that looks fantastic and has a lot of buzz.

Skyward #3 (Action Lab Entertainment) – Speaking of all ages, this series by Action Lab has been fantastic in all of its releases so far. It’s great fantasy and features some fun characters and a nice mix of action so far. The first two issues have flown off the shelves, so… get to your shop early to grab this one.

TPB/Graphic Novel of the Week: The Black Beetle: No Way Out Vol. 1 (Dark Horse) – The art! The story! This fantastic series by Francesco Francavilla had an awesome first volume and you can grab it now all in one handy volume.