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Choice Quotes

Avengers: The Initiative #19

Tippy-Toe Says – Squirrel Girl would rather go naked than wear fur!


Skull-Kill Krew – I understand all right.  God doesn’t love you.  He loves America.

Dark Reign: New Nation

Captain America – I believe in an idea… an idea a single individual who has the right heart and the right mind… that is consumed with a single purpose… that one man can win a war.  Give that one man a group of soldiers with the same conviction… and you can change the world.

The Invincible Iron Man #8

Osborn – The Superhuman Registration Database, Stark.  You know the one I mean.  Where is it?  How do I access it?

Stark – It’s — Ah — It’s Not — Osborn.  It’s not your personal file-o-fax.  You can’t just browse it at your leisure.  You need about a half-dozen warrants and probable cause and a federal judge to—

Osborn – Commander.

Stark – … Excuse me?

Osborn – You called me “Osborn.”  I’m trying “Commander Osborn” on for the size at the moment.

Stark – Well.  “Commander.”  You don’t get to go flipping through the database any more than you get to seize someone’s cell phone records or decide to call yourself commander.

X-Factor #38

Madrox – In the end, sometimes the smart thing is to bypass bad habits and learned behavior.  There are entire countries where fighting is the default position.  If you’re willing to put aside that mindset… it’s amazing how much you can accomplish with minimal fuss.

Uncanny X-Men #505

Mayor of San Francisco – This is San Francisco.  The hated and misunderstood have always had a home here.

Obama and McCain Both Want to be Batman, What Does that Say About Them?

The St. Louis Dispatch runs an excellent commentary about about Entertainment Weekly’s recent interview with Presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain.  In the EW interview both candidates chose Batman as the super hero they’d most like to be.

In it the author Jonathan Keim dissects what makes Batman tick.  He is in fact a vigilante who works outside of the law.  He would be the first to ignore the Constitution and the rights it entails, but also does have a moral code and line of which he won’t cross.  McCain sites Batman’s fight for justice against the odds while Obama mentions his humanness (he also likes Spiderman for the same reason).  Both candidates admire a character for two different reasons.

Is this the comic book hero to admire though?  As mentioned above, he works outside the law in an almost Machiavellian way.  His is the law and enforcement we know exists but choose to ignore until it affects us.  President Bush’s expansion of FISA, and the trampling of our Constitutional rights and due process are the real world equivalent of a masked vigilante.  Both candidates endorse the FISA program.

Is there a better super hero to admire?  One with god like powers who chooses not to abuse them?  One that follows the law?  One who shows human frailties?  Green Lantern might be a better choice, maybe Superman.

My choice would be Captain America, a man who defends his country when needed and questions it when it’s wrong.  A person who served his nation and inspired people not just in comics, but the real world, to serve as well.  And in the comics world, stood up against it’s equivalent of FISA and National ID cards.  Spiderman didn’t even do that.

Maybe the real answer from the candidates required even less thought and was whatever comic book movie was playing in the theater that month….