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Marjorie Finnegan: Temporal Criminal #1 Gets a Variant by Elias Chatzoudis

AWA Studios will launch creator Garth Ennis‘ Marjorie Finnegan: Temporal Criminal on May 5th and it has made many fans and retailers excited. Retailers Sanctum Sanctorum Comics and Slab City Comics teamed up again for a new variant. Both retailers decided to commission Elias Chatzoudis again — This time to capture the mischief that the main character, Marjorie, causes as she time travels through history.

Fans can get two different versions of the cover or collect both, only through Sanctum Sanctorum Comics‘ and Slab City Comics‘ online. The pre-sale has already gone live.

Chariot Gets Variant Covers from Jeff Dekal, Mike Deodato Jr., Elias Chatzoudis, and John Gallagher

AWA Studios’ imprint Upshot Studios has unveiled all six covers for their March “Big Book” title Chariot by Bryan Edward HillPriscilla Petraites, and Marco Lesko.

The Chariot was a Cold War-era secret government project to provide its star agent with a weapon unlike any other in the form of a supercharged muscle car. It sank into the ocean decades ago, and the agent along with it. Now, a petty criminal looking to reform his life has stumbled upon the Chariot, and he’s about to find out that the agent’s consciousness is still controlling it in this synthwave thriller.

Along with AWA Studios’ Cover A by Jeff Dekal and Cover B by Mike Deodato Jr.,  Upshot is announcing the retailer exclusive variants commissioned by Sanctum Sanctorum Comics & Oddities of Plymouth, MI and Slab City Comics in Godalming, Surrey, UK, featuring artist Elias Chatzoudis; and Sad Lemon Comics in Ickleford, UK, featuring artist John Gallagher.

Chariot is in shops March 3, 2021.

Preview: Amalgama: Space Zombie #1


Writer(s): Jason Martin
Artist Name(s): Winston Young
Cover A – Winston Young Regular Cover (unlimited)
Cover B – Winston Young Risqué Variant (limited to 2500)
Cover C – Marco Maccagni Variant (limited to 1500)
Cover D – Marco Maccagni Risqué Variant (limited to 2000)
Cover E – TMChu Variant (limited to 1500)
Cover F – TMChu Risqué Variant (limited to 2000)
Cover G – Elias Chatzoudis Amalgama Set Variant (limited to 2000)
Cover H – Elias Chatzoudis Amalgama Set Risqué Variant (limited to 2500)
24 pgs./ M / FC

Now in her own series, the fan favorite Zombie Tramp/Vampblade/DollFace mash-up (with the powers of all three iconic characters) returns!! Rocketed into space by the Danger Doll Squad, Amalgama: Space Zombie plots a course for explosive sci-fi grindhouse action!

Debut issue in a new Danger Doll universe series!

Features 4 regular and risqué variants, including cover 1 of 3 from the Elias Chatzoudis Amalgama variant set!!

Preview: Vampblade Season 4 #5

VAMPBLADE SEASON 4 #5 (Legacy #42)

Writer(s): Jason Martin
Artist Name(s): Marco Maccagni
Cover A – Winston Young Regular Cover (unlimited)
Cover B – Winston Young Risqué Variant (limited to 2000)
Cover C – Elias Chatzoudis Amalgama Set Variant (limited to 2000)
Cover D – Elias Chatzoudis Amalgama Set Risqué Variant (limited to 2500)
Cover E – Zoe Stanley Artist Variant (limited to 1000)
Cover F – Zoe Stanley Artist Risqué (limited to 1500)
24 pgs./ M / FC

Vampblade may have returned to her home reality, but things are far from back to normal. For one thing, how do you reunite with your girlfriend when you’re sharing a body with your alternate universe self… who happens to be straight?? For another, what’s up with all the new Glarkian space vamps!?

Features 3 regular and risqué variants, including cover 2 of 3 from the Elias Chatzoudis Amalgama variant set!!

VAMPBLADE SEASON 4 #5 (Legacy #42)

Preview: Zombie Tramp #63


Writer(s): Vince Hernandez
Artist Name(s): Marco Maccagni
Cover A – Marco Maccagni Cover (unlimited)
Cover B – Marco Maccagni Risqué Variant (limited to 2500)
Cover C – Elias Chatzoudis Amalgama Set Variant (limited to 2000)
Cover D – Elias Chatzoudis Amalgama Set Risqué Variant (limited to 2500)
Cover E – David Harrigan Variant (limited to 2000)
Cover F – David Harrigan Risqué variant (limited to 2500)
24 pgs./ M / FC

Critical mass approaches as Angel goes toe-to-toe with Russia’s most dangerous slave trader—the villainous Tatiana, along with her army of enraged supernatural super soldiers!

Features 3 regular and risqué variants, including cover 3 of 3 from the Elias Chatzoudis Amalgama variant set!!


Aspen Comics Debuts Dissension: War Eternal & Nu Way this July

On the heels of their Worlds of Aspen 2018 Free Comic Book Day offering that premiered zero issues of their brand new titles, Dissension: War Eternal and Nu Way, Aspen Comics is set to release both series this July.

In association with ZMX Comics, the publisher is releasing the sci-fi action-adventure Nu Way #1 on July 11th by writer J.T. Krul with art by Alex Konat and colors by John Starr with lettering by Sal Cipriano featuring covers by Konat, Ryan Odagawa, Harvey Tolibao, Jordan Gunderson and more to be announced.

Solicitation copy for Nu Way #1 reads:

In the future, technology continues to dominate every aspect of civilization, and nowhere is it more on display than the city of New Sheng, a vast metropolis where those with means live high amongst the lights and those without wallow in the shadows below. In his desperate struggle to reach a better life, a young fighter named Zihao has sacrificed his body in the ring and now prepares to pay an even bigger price in order to battle in the main arena with the elite cybernetically-enhanced warriors. But will seeing another lost soul from his past make his climb easier or harder?

Also, Aspen will be releasing Dissension: War Eternal on July 25th, an all-new action-adventure series by creator and artist Jordan Gunderson along with co-writer Christopher Fielder with art by Gunderson, Luis Guerrero and lettering by Taylor Esposito. Dissension will feature future covers by Gunderson, Elias Chatzoudis, Marcus To, Kevin Sharpe, Siya Oum and more to be revealed.

Solicitation copy for Dissension: War Eternal #1 reads:

The U.S. has spent several years embroiled in a conflict with the invading forces of China. In the war zone of the American Southwest, small bands of freedom fighters have formed to help guide refugees away from the destruction. Isabel Vasquez, known to her squad as “Delphi”, has been leading rescue missions inside the combat zone for years. Escorting those displaced from the war has fueled her faith that she is making a difference. But now that faith is increasingly tested by reoccurring nightmares of a coming apocalypse. She fears the war is only the beginning of a great threat…one that promises to bring humanity to the brink of extinction!

Unbeknownst to Delphi, a band of renegade angels has fled Heaven seeking a new refuge. The Earth has become their new home, where they view humanity as a plague that must be purged. As their path forges ahead toward global genocide, it is yet to be decided if Delphi and her growing visions of a global Armageddon can help stop them in time.

Preview: Normandy Gold #1


Writers: Megan Abbott and Alison Gaylin
Artist: Steve Scott
Cover A: Fay Dalton
Cover B: Steve Scott
Cover C: Alex Shabao
Cover D: Kody Chamberlain
Cover E: Elias Chatzoudis
Publisher: Titan Comics
FC • 32pp • $3.99 • On Sale: June 14, 2017


When her younger sister is found at the center of a brutal murder case, tough-as-nails Sheriff Normandy Gold is forced to dive headfirst into the seedy world of 1970s prostitution.

Written by bestselling crime fiction stalwarts Megan Abbott (You Will Know Me, Dare Me) and Alison Gaylin (What Remains Of Me, Into Darkness) with stunning artwork by Steve Scott (Batman, X-Men Forever, JLA).

Preview: Peepland #5


Writers: Christa Faust, Gary Phillips
Artist: Andrea Camerini
Cover A: Elias Chatzoudis
Cover B: Ben Oliver
Cover C: Will Conrad
FC – 32pp – $3.99
On sale: March 29


With the cops closing in on Roxy’s whereabouts and the New Years ball about to drop, it’s looking to be a climatic December 31st in Times Square! Get ready for the thrilling conclusion to this gritty 80s crime yarn!

Normandy Gold #1: Brand-new Hard Case Crime title with interior art by Steve Scott

Titan Comics has revealed their next Hard Case Crime comic series, Normandy Gold, out June 14, 2017.

Sex, violence and corruption collide in Normandy Gold, a gritty thriller set in 1970s Washington D.C., written by acclaimed author Megan Abbott, and bestselling crime novelist Alison Gaylin, with art by industry legend Steve Scott.

When her younger sister is found murdered in a D.C. hotel, relentless Sheriff Normandy Gold dives headfirst into the seedy world of prostitution and politics, soon discovering a twisted conspiracy that could lead right to the White House.

Featuring covers by Fay Dalton, Steve Scott, Alex Shabao, Kody Chamberlain, and Elias Chatzoudis.

Preview: Hit List #1 – Out September 11 from Zenescope

Hit List #1

Written By Ralph Tedesco
Pencils By Sami Kivela
Cover A By Jamie Tyndall
Cover B By Felipe Massafera
Cover C By Mike Krome
Cover D By Marat Mychaels
Incentive Cover By Elias Chatzoudis

Are we ever truly safe from evil? What if you had the means to play God, choosing who lives and dies?

Threats exist all around us and the lives of so many have been ruined by others evil deeds. Now one man will seek vengeance for all those who share in his pain. When a group of professional killers is brought together in order to take out a crew of gangsters, what starts as a seemingly good plan spirals into something more threatening and deadly than anyone saw coming. A brand new action, thriller series from the creators of Grimm Fairy Tales and the Se7en comics hits stores this fall!


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