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Ted Adams, Robbie Robbins, and IDW Media Holdings Launches Clover Press

Clover Press

IDW co-founders Ted Adams and Robbie Robbins have launched Clover Press, a new publishing joint venture with IDW Media Holdings, the parent company of IDW Publishing. Adams and Robbins launched IDW 20 years ago. Adams stepped down as CEO of IDW in 2018 and remains a stockholder in IDW Media Holdings. Robbins is an EVP and Art Director at IDW.

Clover Press will focus on the book market and direct-to-consumer prestige format publications as a “new, progressive, eclectic, boutique publisher.”

In the announcement, the focus of the publisher is said to be “progressive projects,” “creator-owned endeavors,” and “celebration of classic works from authors and artists.”

Also joining Adams and Robbins is Elaine LaRosa, Adams’ longtime assistant, and Nate Murray who will oversee Clover Press’ sales. The publisher will use freelance editorial and production staff.

Initial titles will be announced this summer.