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Tuesday Twitter Fun – Whaling, Glenn Beck and Abortion

It’s a decent week of Twitter posts on a range of subjects.

Comic book writer Ben Templesmith has two this week.  One covers his thoughts on whaling and the other about Delegate Bob Marshall’s statement on abortion and disable children.  You can follow him at http://twitter.com/Templesmith.

Ben Templesmith on Whaling and Sushi

Ben Templesmith on Delegate Bob Marshall

One of the men behind Lost and some time comic book writer Damon Lindelof asked for some political action to get his latest podcast posted.  Follow him at http://twitter.com/DamonLindelof.

Damon Lindelof Encourages Political Action

Ron Marz, who’s no stranger about speaking his mind, decided to comment on Fox television personality Glenn Beck.  You can follow Ron at http://twitter.com/ronmarz.

Ron Marz and Glenn Beck