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10 Questions with Jeremy Holt and Bonus Mini-review of Death Tax

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Death Tax coverTwitter is such a wonderful tool.  The ease of communication has allowed this site to network with so many writers and artists we might of never heard of otherwise.  And it seems like more often than not, we come across great comics like the still work in progress Death Tax by Jeremy Holt and Renzo Podesta.  I recently got to read the first 40 pages of the graphic novel which focuses on a few individuals and an economic collapse.

The timely subject of a crumbling economy is not only timely but sets up a great mood for the story.  I’ve described it as “post apocalyptic” without road warriors on motor bikes and the depressing part.  There’s an air and feel of desperation that pervades it, but at no point is it a downer.  What I think is even a better sign, after that first 40 pages, I wanted to read more.  The mystery and meat of the story was just getting shown, and I clamored for more.

It’ll be a while before we get the completed works in our hands, but this is one comic I’m looking forward to.  Here’s my score for the uncompleted work (keep in mind the score might shift on review of the entire graphic novel).

Story: 9 Art: 8.5 Overall: 9

While he was hard at work completing Death Tax, Jeremy Holt has been kind enough to take some time to answer our latest round of ten questions which you can read after the break.

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