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Super-Articulate: Catching Up on DC Multiverse

As seen at San Diego Comic-Con 2019, Mattel still has a few fine DC Multiverse figures to get out before they surrender the license to McFarlane. Among the figures are a terrific-looking Killer Croc Connect & Collect figure, Red Robin, Katana, Alfred (with three extra heads!) and Red Hood (Jason Todd). Currently shipping is the Titans-heavy Batman Ninja assortment featuring Nightwing, Starfire, Rebirth Wally West, Beast Boy, John Stewart, and TV Black Lightning; still in some stores and heavily moving on eBay is the Lobo assortment, featuring Kid Flash, Batman Beyond, Kingdom Come Superman, and Green Lantern Kyle Rayner. Rayner gets our look today.

“DC Rebirth” Kyle Rayner: It’s labelled as DC Rebirth, but this is really Classic Kyle Rayner. Hal’s Emerald Twilight replacement, the GL of Grant Morrison’s JLA, and the subject of many fine stories by Ron Marz and others, Kyle Rayner was the definitive GL of the late ‘90s and early 2000s. He’s been recostumed, renamed (Ion), rebranded, pushed aside, sent into deep space, given various love interests, lost love interests, and struggled to find his place on both a characterization level on a level of being part of a company that isn’t sure what to do with their “middle children.” (Seriously, what the hell happened to Connor Hawke?)

On the figure front, however, this is a GREAT job. The power effect is definitely appropriate to the Banks/Porter art of Green Lantern and JLA from the day. The battery looks good, and the figure itself is terrific. Imminently poseable with a great expression, this is a rock-solid Kyle Rayner.

DC Multiverse Store Report: At present, I have seen absolutely zero of the Batman Ninja wave in the Midwest. Shazam and Sivana continue to haunt stores, and Lobo wave figures still turn up. I only expect this to get worse, especially with THREE waves to get out before the end of the year (Killer Croc, Retro, Mammoth).

Flashback: Doctor Psycho: Doctor Psycho was part of a two-figure Collect & Connect wave that included Wonder Girl and Wonder Woman (DKIII version) in 2017. The torso and arms came with Wonder Woman, and the head and lower body came with Wonder Girl. I had absolutely no interest in the DKIII Wonder Woman, so I bided my time waiting to get the various pieces on eBay. I finally did. How do they look?

Doctor Psycho: Hey, not bad! This isn’t a great figure in terms of poseability, but he looks accurate as hell, particularly with the one slightly exaggerated eye. The appearance is influenced by the Villains United-era of the character. It’s not super-exciting, but I’m glad that it exists. I put him on the shelf next to DC Universe Classics Deathstroke and other villains.

While the Mattel era is almost over, they’ve given us A LOT of good stuff over the years. I’m going to keep up for now, and I’ll be interested to see what comes our way in the future. Thoughts, readers?

Super-Articulate: DC Multiverse Kid Flash and Imaginext Catman

Last week, we took a look at DC Multiverse Vixen and two of the DC Series 6 Blind Bag figures from Imaginext. I’d planned to go in a different direction this week, but the shifting tides of internet orders and such put other stuff in my hands first. So we’ll stick to a general theme and hit another DC Multiverse entry and one more Series 6 Blind Bag.

DC Multiverse Kid Flash (Mattel): You can probably all guess my first comment, right? Variation on “It’s a damn shame that Mattel has been leveling up so much only to have the license depart at year’s end.” Today, we consider the New 52 Wally West (though it’s also the costume he wears in Rebirth with the Teen Titans. Just go with it.)

This one is another fine sculpt with good costume details. The figure also comes with two sets of hands (fists, shown & flat hands). As you can tell, the face and head came out nicely, including the lightning bolt ear pieces.

However, this figure has an obvious flaw. I’m not sure if it’s across the entire production run or just this figure in particular, but the shoulders are a noticeable color mismatch from the rest of the arms and torso. It doesn’t kill my enjoyment of the figure, but it doesn’t withstand the close inspection that you can make of Vixen, The Ray, or Wonder Girl, for example.

Overall, this Kid Flash is a good figure, but that distracting color problem denies it from greatness. It does look good on the shelf with the other Titans, though.

Imaginext DC Super Heroes Series 6 Blind Bag Catman (Fisher-Price): Last time, we looked at Zan and Signal, this time up we’ve got Thomas Blake himself, Catman. Catman was a middling Batman villain until he received a mega-upgrade in Secret Six a decade ago from Gail Simone and Dale Eaglesham. Together with Deadshot and Bane, that gives you one half of an Imaginext Secret Six.

This one’s great. Funny expression, nice cloth cape, good paint opps, and the claws. The claw are pretty amazing, actually. The continual evolution of Imaginext sculpting is always impressive. Catman also comes with a briefcase (my son Connor believe that it contains the get-out-of-hell-free card from Gail’s classic story). We’ll stay on the lookout for the other three (Jayna, Dr. Fate, and Super Lex Luthor).