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Auric of the Great White North #4, a New Chapter on Kickstarter Now

It’s modern day and it’s been about a decade since Auric saved the North from it’s century-long battle against an evil curse. But, with the curious re-emergence of monsters, our hero has returned to fight for his people. Now, in his golden years, Auric has assembled a new team and struggles to battle a whole new generation of beasts, all while dealing with the fact that he is no longer in his prime. As a face from Auric’s past emerges with a so-called “cure” to the curse and as the faith of his people begins to unravel, does Auric still have what it takes to step up and be the hero he once was?

Great North Comics is currently in the midst of a Kickstarter to print Auric of the Great White North #4, the latest issue of their comic series. Written by Davis Dewsbury, with art and letters by Andrew Thomas, colors by Sharon Gauthier, and cover colors by Donovan Yaciuk.

Well into the goal of $1,175 CAD, the Kickstarter campaign ends on November 20th. If you’re new to the series, for just $23 you can catch up with all of the issues, a magnetic bookmark, and sticker.