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From the Pages of Zorro!

Originally introduced from Matt Wagner’s epic Zorro Rides Again epic series, comes Lady Zorro #1 this July from Dynamite Entertainment!  The series is written by Alex De Campi, working with Dynamite for the first time.  Lady Zorro #1 is drawn by Rey Villegas and has a beautiful cover by Joseph Michael Linsner. Other cover incentives include a Steampunk cover by Sergio Fernandez Davila and a special retailer shared exclusive variant cover by Joseph Cooper!

In the new series, Lady Zorro is called back to Alta California to recover a sacred Indian war axe, stolen by mercenary soldiers.  Only she can stop an all-out war across the ranchos, and more deaths like the one that consumed her family…if she can stay on the mission.  When an opportunity for ultimate vengeance presents itself, can she ignore it?  Will the raging fire that drives Lady Zorro consume her… and all of Alta California with it?  What follows is a violent, sexy tale of intrigue and swashbuckling as the female Fox must use all her wits and skills to get herself out of trouble.

Lady Zorro #1 is slated for release on July 16, 2014.

LadyZorro01-Cov-IncenSteampunk LadyZorro01-Cov-linsner LadyZorro01-Cov-RetailerShared-Blank