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David Sandoval, N.A.S Studios and GP

ImageHey everyone, this is my first post, so I figured I would tell you guys a little about myself, what I do, and what plans I have for GP. Well first off I, wanted to thank Brett for letting me express myself on here and giving me the opportunity to review and give all you comic lovers a little bit of info from the inside of the industry. Okay… I started N.A.S Studios about 7 months ago and since have been through what most call the ups and downs of starting a business. I won’t go into all the details, but just like the film industry, comics are just as hard. I guess I’m “old school”  when I say I was thinking everything would be like the old days, “work hard to get where you want to be“. The modern world showed me otherwise. With today’s technology the old school way is gone. Trying to keep up with everything is hard but worth it if you endure. The whole “going digital” aspect of things is always asked by fans and personally, I think if you want to make it you have to roll with the punches. I suffered a few black eyes but just like everyone, I learned something new everyday. As for N.A.S Studios, were kicking some Major Butt. My good friend, mentor and Editor-in-Chief for N.A.S Studios, Andrew Mangum (DC, Image) is one of the reasons we are where we are at this point. All it takes is that one person to see your potential.  So I guess what I’m trying to say and tell you all is, “ Keep trying and never give up“. I’ll be giving you guys up dates on our progress with N.A.S Studios, reviews, news, and what we love most of all… COMICS!!! Image

Welcome David Sandoval to Graphic Policy!

We’ve got a slew of new contributors to Graphic Policy and first up is David Sandoval.  Born in Colorado, but residing in Texas, David gives us our first insider voice, bringing wisdom and a person on the inside of the entertainment industry.  David has experience both in the film industry, having worked on a few indy films but also in the comic industry.

After film school, his time in the movie industry and business school David now tells the world his stories through N.A.S. Studios.  Started in October of 2011 he’s had the opportunity to work with such artists as Al Rio – R.I.P (Marvel, DC, Zenescope), Andrew Mangum (DC, Image, Zenescope), Patrick Blaine (DC, Top Cow), Ale Garza (Marvel, DC, Zenescope), Tone Rodriguez (DC, Image) and more.  N.A. S. Studios is working on publishing their first three books:  Nekros, Black Mass and T.O.A (Tribulations of  Abbadon).

So keep your eye out for the first posts from David soon and again welcome to the site.  We’re all looking forward the insight you’ll bring to help the indy creators out there and those wanting to get into the funny book business.

NAS Studios Nekros contest

Color Contest N.A.S. Studios

N.A.S. Studios came up with a contest for all colorists out there.

What you need to do is pretty simple. Send NAS a personal message (via davidsandoval79 (at) yahoo.com) with a personal email in it letting me know you want to have a crack at coloring the pin-up.

The pin-up is for our Graphic Novel Nekros.

When you are done, send a high res of the pin-up/colors back and NAS will draw the winner, May 10th.

Now for the winner… Their colors will be published in the Nekros Graphic Novel and you’ll also get a copy of the Original Graphic Novel for yourself.

The colors will be judged by Andrew Mangum (Superboy, Star Spangled War Stories, Frank Frazetta’s Sorcerer, Grimm Fairy Tales) & David Ocampo (Plot Season: Seraph, 13 Legends).

Good Luck.

Nekros OGN

Creator/writer: David Sandoval
Interior Art: Andrew Mangum
Grays: Matt Houk

Alejandro – a middle aged priest in South America – has a run-in with death and finds himself cured after their meeting. Along with a cure to his illness Alejandro is blessed with an ability. How he uses it without knowing is the best part. Is it a Miracle or Curse… 

The Nekros Graphic Novel will be priced at $10 and will be available in digital format as well.

Nekros Will Be available October 2012.

About N.A.S. Studios

N.A.S. Studios is a publishing company based out of South Texas, initiating a new wave of original stories into the comic book industry, which focuses on the “Non-Super Hero” genre.

David Sandoval, CEO, founded the company in October of 2011. Many talented artists, such as Andrew Mangum, Ale Garza and the late Al Rio, created covers for our books.
N.A.S Studios is here to take comic story-telling by storm.