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Review – Dark Rain: A New Orleans Story

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Dark Rain: A New Orleans StoryMuch has been written and filmed about Katrina and the events surrounding the failure of our government to protect it’s citizens.  Dark Rain: A New Orleans Story, published by Vertigo, written by Mat Johnson with art by Simon Gane take on the tragic events through the eyes of a couple of not so typical characters.

The story is a crime thriller set in the days before, during and after the national tragedy.  The story follows two ex-cons and a plan to rob a bank.  The beauty of the story is how it deftly touches upon the chaos and mood that permeated that time.  The story could of easily fell into the incorrectly reported events, but instead focuses on the tragedy that fell not upon a race but a class.

There’s subtle commentary here.  Reasons for the slow response are hinted at as well as the reaction from surrounding communities.  No finger is squarely pointed, but a lot is left for the reader to chew on.

The crime thriller is good on it’s own.  But wrap that with the social and political commentary and you have an amazing read.

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