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Kid Brooklyn: Genesis Vol 1 this October

After his home world is destroyed, he entrusts Kid Brooklyn, who happens to be from “Brooklyn, NY” with a rare “Sun Stone”. Sun Stones are the most powerful natural element in the universe. Powered by the sun, the Sun Stone gives Kid Brooklyn and his friends super powers. A Sun Stone can amplify your natural talents, making them super natural. Once they except their destiny, they must use these newly found powers to stop the alien race from destroying Earth’s natural resources.

Written by Jaden Anthony, Joseph Anthony, Dennis Calero, Kid Brooklyn: Genesis Vol. 1 features art, inks, colors, and letters from Crimson Studio, Santiago Gullen, Tina & Amit Chadge, and Dennis Calero.

Why settle for fantasy characters when you can read about a real life group of friends who all grew up together doing amazing things? Kid Brooklyn is a comic with a purpose supporting environmental and education based charities. Each comic will benefit a different nonprofit with the first being Greenforall.org which was founded by CNN’s Van Jones. The focus is to help communities in Flint, MI get clean water.

At only 12 years old, Jaden Anthony is a vegetarian and environmental activist with his father to help educate kids on the importance of climate change and other environmental and social issues.

The 81 page comic will be out October 2017 and retail for $9.99.