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Review: Thief Of Thieves #20

ThiefofThieves20-Cover“Just one problem with weapons, of course…I take it you’re familiar with the concept of mutually assured destruction?”
– Foxley to Conrad

Thief of Thieves #20 starts its new arc, called The Hit List, that continues off of issue #19 perfectly. For those of you that are looking to pick up a new comic book series to read, Thief of Thieves #20 is a great jumping on point. The way Andy Diggle writes Conrad Paulson’s capers and interactions you get a sense that you’ve been with this book from issue #1. Robert Kirkman is not the writer for this arc, but Andy Diggle is superb as he takes over the hefty responsibilities of this one of a kind comic that should be on everyone’s Pull List each month.

SPOILERS BELOW FOR ‘Thief of Thieves #20’

This new arc promises to deliver the best stories yet for our slick hero, Conrad, and this issue starts off the mob none too happy with him. They visit him in prison and we get a sense of what the next five or six issues will focus on; Don Parrino’s book of mafia payoffs. Conrad has it and everyone else wants it. After he gets roughed up a little, in an attempt to make him divulge the book’s location, in walks a new character to the series, Sebastian Foxley, Conrad’s lawyer. He gets Conrad out of prison much to the displeasure of Inspector Ferrara and his ‘mob goons’.

What comes next is an expertly drawn chase scene as Conrad must evade Inspector Ferrara and his goons at the behest of Don Parrino, most likely. Conrad commandeers an officer’s motorcycle and leads the mob enforcers on a wild chase through the streets of Italy until finally going down into the subway station. Once there, he deceptively makes it appear as if he boarded one of the trains, but really he was just hiding out in the tunnel until the coast was clear.

The issue’s last part consists of Conrad meeting up with Celia, who is the stewardess aboard the private jet that is set to carry him home. It is revealed here that Celia is in fact hiding Don Parrino’s book in a safe place. Celia tries to make advances toward Conrad, but he insists he can’t because he wants to work things out with his wife, Audrey, and try to keep his family together and keep them safe. The last panels are of Conrad staring at the lot his house is on…well, was on; someone burned it to the ground.

From the moment this book came out it has been the first thing I read when each issue is released. Robert Kirkman organizes the book much the same way as a TV show; rather than having one writer for the duration of the comic book’s run, he has different writers and artists rotate and help with those duties. It has worked out very well, offering a fresh perspective to this amazing story and the art involved. Anyone that is worried it would look different or the arcs would not work together seamlessly have nothing to fear as all the parts flow perfectly into one another.

You can’t help but feel immersed in Conrad’s life as each page vividly comes to life through the work of Shawn Martinbrough. Thief of Thieves #20 sets the stage for another caper and action packed arc and knowing Conrad he will navigate through everything that comes his way with ease. We should finally get to see a little history about Lola as well and I look forward to the next interaction between these two very interesting characters.

Thoughts and Discussion

– Did you notice…there was a Marilyn Monroe look-a-like down in the subway when Conrad drove the motorcycle down there?

– What has Lola been up to this entire time?

– Where is Augustus?

– What does Conrad plan on doing with Don Parrino’s book of mob payoffs?

– Who burned down Conrad’s house? Was it Lola? Was it the mob via Don Parrino?

Thank you for checking out my Review! Please comment below to discuss the issue further!

Created By: Robert Kirkman – Writer: Andy Diggle – Artist: Shawn Martinbrough – Colorist: Adriano Lucas – Cover: Shawn Martinbrough & Felix Serrano – Letterer: Rus Wooton
Story: 8.5 Art: 8.5 Overall: 8.5 Recommendation: Buy