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Review: Suicide Squad #12

ssquad_cv12_dsThis issue kicks off by showing us the aftermath of Amanda Waller’s shooting. Even though it’s only been two weeks it’s the comic book equivalent of who shot JR. We go from the back of an ambulance to the anarchy Rustam is causing with his prisoner release. In this part of the comic we continue the “Burning Down the House” story line and, the Suicide Squads vacation gets cut short as they are called into action to aid stopping the escape. In “Those Left Behind we find out more about the death of Waller as the whole squad is hauled in for questioning.

Rob Williams as usual tells a great story complete with intrigue, emotion and a story line that slays. He wrote both stories in this issue and made sure that they worked as stand alone stories and meshed well enough to be a part of something bigger. There’s a sense of tension and wonder present that pulls the reader in and leaves you on the edge of your seat.

John Romita Jr. gives great graphics in the “Burning Down the House” part of the story. It’s clean, detailed and, has a harshness that matches the story being told. Everything down to the facial expressions relays the dark town and comic noir style of the story. Cody Barrows doesn’t miss a beat with his art for “Those Left Behind,” it’s a different style from Romita’s but, it flows well into issue. There’s a nice vintage quality to his work, it seems nostalgic with a hint of modern.

Overall this issue was exactly what it needed to be. We got the end of one major characters life fused with a rogue former squad members evil plan coming to fruition, an act that can propel the story even further. The stories are self contained enough to stand alone at their respective short lengths but, nice to see together in one issue. There’s enough catalysts in these two stories to tell a ton of stories and keep these arcs going for many issues to come.

Story: Rob Williams Art: John Romita Jr. and Cody Barrows
Story: 9.3 Art : 8.8 Overall:9 Recommendation: Buy

DC Comics provided Graphic Policy with a free copy for review