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A Trio of New Releases are Available Now on comiXology

There’s three new releases available on comiXology now with a click of a button. Start shopping or check them out below!

Cinderella’s Secret Royal Fling

Written by Jessica Gilmore
Art by Mayu Takayama

After her parents’ divorce, Emilia lived with her father and his new family until she ran away from home at sixteen. One day, she receives a job offer to plan a summer solstice celebration in Armaria, a small country overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. While preparing for the celebration, Emilia meets a sexy and mysterious man named Ren in the castle’s courtyard. She hasn’t felt this electrified by a man in a long time, but her excitement is short-lived once she realizes that Ren is actually Duke Laurent, the ruler of Armaria!

Cinderella's Secret Royal Fling

Saint Young Men Vol. 13

Written by Hikaru Nakamura
Art by Hikaru Nakamura

Jesus is weak against physical temptations, and Buddha is strict about household purchases. !Revelations! is a huge hit in the Heavens, so John packs himself into a hotel near Tachikawa Station to work on a new book. The holy figures take part in their own offline blogger meet-ups… We’ve got a whole lotta saintly young men hanging out in Tokyo right now! The mundane miracles just won’t stop happening!!

Saint Young Men Vol. 13

Suicide Squad: King Shark (2021-) #5

Written by Tim Seeley
Pencils Scott Kolins
Inks Scott Kolins
Colored by John Kalisz
Cover by Rain Beredo, Trevor Hairsine

Defacer must form a partnership with the Man-King to ensure humanity isn’t overtaken by shark domination! But she’s kinda starting to like King Shark, and the avatar of all humanity kinda sucks!

Suicide Squad: King Shark (2021-) #5

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