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Review: Cicada

cica_coverfront_webDebuting this weekend at Small Press Expo 2016, Cicada is a short horror comic about a freelance writer and a sacrificial insect. With story and art by Joni Miller, the comic is fun with twists and turns that keep the reader engaged.

A fifty-page mini-comic, the story is an entertaining mix of humor and horror as our nameless heroine moves to a new area and learns that she’ll need to learn to live with the local wildlife if she’s going to keep her sanity… or do something about it.

Cicadas, the strange looking bugs that seem to descend on our land and annoy us through normally enjoyable summers with their song that seem to envelop us. That’s the impetus which gets our story underway.

Miller’s art is fantastic with a great flow to the storytelling. She keeps the pages simple with up to four panels per page, a key thing considering the comic itself being more on the pocket size of things. Too many panels just wouldn’t work. But Miller impressive changes up the page layouts a lot making each page feel unique. There’s an energy that jumps off of the page as things progress as well especially as the “action” kicks up.

Miller keeps it fresh and though there are some elements that feel a bit familiar, it all comes together in a way that’s fresh. If you’re a fan of horror comics, this is one you should seek out.

Story: Joni Miller Art: Joni Miller
Story: 8.45 Art: 8.65 Overall: 8.5 Recommendation: Buy